5-Minute Self-Care Ideas Worth Trying Today

Simplify the amount of time you spend on yourself daily by implementing these helpful 5-minute self-care ideas. 

You might be thinking about how little time you have for yourself throughout the week. However, there are easy ways to dish out moments to spend alone daily. 

It might not sound possible at first until you give it a try. 

You can start by sprinkling 5-minute activities into your day first thing in the morning or before bed. 

You decide when it’s easier to make time for yourself based on your everyday schedule. 

There are a number of things that may be crossing your mind right now. I’ve put together some frequently asked questions on the topic and shared my thoughts below. 

What Are 5 Things You Can Do For Self-Care Daily?

Taking a step back for your mental health can be rewarding. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you might feel triggered to react negatively. 

If you practice the following activities, you’ll find yourself feeling more relaxed and excited to take on the day. 

These five things are a great start for you to do as part of your self-care routine daily: 

1. Breathe deeply.

Learning how to take in a deep breath when you’re not feeling yourself can be a game-changer for moms. You can try this first thing in the morning to help you cope with whatever might come your way. 
With time, you’ll start to do it often whenever you need a moment to catch your breath. 

2. Regroup thoughts.

Sometimes you might not realize the amount of negative thoughts that are flowing through your mind. This is why regrouping your thoughts might be the best approach when you’re trying to remove thoughts. 

Just as you’d want to put aside unnecessary things in your home, it’s best to do the same with your thoughts. Placing your negative thoughts into a cluster ball helps you alleviate any negative feelings you might be experiencing at the moment. 

You can mentally imagine yourself throwing that ball of negativity far away from you and exploding in the air — just like a grenade. 

3. Express yourself.

You’ll find yourself feeling different emotions as you notice the change from negative thoughts to positive ones

Although exciting at first, sometimes other emotions can creep through and you’ll need to let those out. Letting go of that heavy load can be exhilarating — and that’s a good thing. 

Allow yourself to express those thoughts through your facial expressions and scream if you need to. 

4. Accept it.

The best thing you can do when things happen in life is to accept what has occurred and continue on living. 

The less you focus on what has happened and how you could’ve changed the outcome, the happier you’ll be. That saying “don’t cry over spilled milk” has a lot more value than you think. 

Give yourself the same grace as a child learning to be more independent. Things will happen, and they will be lessons learned with time. 

5. Keep going.

Regardless of where you are in life, you’ll need to continue your journey. The more you experience in life, the better you’ll understand the path you’re on. 

Although some paths are meant to teach you something about yourself, there are others that help you recognize things in others as well. Use these moments to keep going forward. 

Get past where you are today, and head into a better version of yourself. 

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Simple 5-minute self-care ideas you can do at night.

What Are Some Good Self-Care Activities?

Creating a list of good self-care activities can be a great start to focusing on yourself. You can try anything from going for a walk to listening to your favorite song. 

How you spend your time depends on what your goal is. Oftentimes, you will find yourself wanting to get away mentally or physically. 

Choosing to escape your space physically is the best time to get outdoors for a walk or change of scenery. 

If you’re hoping to escape mentally, then you can turn up the volume and listen to your favorite lyrics. 

Sometimes it’s less about escaping and more about feeling overwhelmed. Examining your surroundings can help. 

If you find that your space is cluttered, then you may want to organize your living area

This is one of my favorite quick self-care tips because it can help you regroup your thoughts. 

Simply focusing on your way of thinking can improve the way you feel about yourself and whatever is happening around you. 

What Are 5 Different Self-Care Practices?

There are various ways you can include self-care practices in your day. Get familiar with the different types of self-care categories: Physical; Social; Emotional; Mental; and Spiritual. 

Physical includes sleeping and eating habits. 

Social is based on the interactions you have with those around you.

The Emotional embodies the way you cope with how you feel, such as anger and stress. 

Mental self-care practices focus on the activities you do to keep your mind active. 

The Spiritual aspect has to do with how you reflect on everyday life. This can be through meditation or religious acts such as prayer. 

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Easy 5 things you can do for yourself daily.

10 Self-Care Activities Before Bed

There are a number of ways you can implement self-care into your bedtime routine. You can get creative with the time you have set aside for yourself every night by trying something different every night. 

When building your bedtime self-care routine, you’ll want to focus on a self-care activity that doesn’t take too long. 

After all, the goal for bedtime is to unwind and prepare for rest. You can practice simple yet functional self-care activities that help your mind rest as well. 

Below are simple 5-minute self-care ideas you can try before bed: 

  1. Spend time with your pet or other family member
  2. Read a couple of pages from a book
  3. Listen to a song or two
  4. Meditate
  5. Write a note to a loved one
  6. Dedicate time to just closing your eyes
  7. Clear up your sleeping area
  8. Stretch your body
  9. Do a puzzle or word search 
  10.  Put your thoughts on paper

Setting a timer can help you make use of the time you have. Focusing on a given task within that time block is a great way to turn it into a daily habit. 

Easy 5-Minute Self-Care Ideas And Activities

Aside from everyday self-care activities, you can do before bed, there are various options for you to try any time of the day. 

You can try dancing your heart out to a song or buying yourself something you’ve been hoping to get. 

Those simple life pleasures are a great start to reminding you about the value in caring for yourself and your needs. 

Lighting a candle can be a reminder to let light into your life. If it’s a scented candle, then you can use it as an aromatherapy session. 

Regardless of what you’re hoping to achieve in life, dedicating time to yourself can be therapeutic. It’s a moment you forget about whatever is going on and think of being at peace with yourself. 

Other self-care exercises and activities that will dampen your stress try throughout the week include: 

  • Doing a quick workout
  • Applying a face mask
  • Making yourself a hot beverage
  • Putting your phone on Do Not Disturb
  • Encouraging yourself through words
  • Never giving up

Finding the right self-care activity will require trial and error. With time, you’ll get a better understanding of the things that work best for your lifestyle and needs. 

Simply sitting in silence might be what your day needs. It’s okay to take moments like these to yourself. 

You just never know how much your body and mind might need the rest. Be sure to listen to what you need. 

Sometimes a hug from a loved one can make a difference in how you’re feeling at the moment. 

Although you might not have the time for yourself right away, you can always plan ahead during the week. 

Planning for the future can help relieve the stress and give you something to look forward to as well. 


Regardless of the self-care exercises and activities you choose to do, you’ll need to remember the basics. Give yourself time to just breathe and relax every day. 

This can help you minimize stress and move forward throughout the day. Think of simple ways you can ease your mind and focus on the 5 different self-care practices: physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

If you give yourself time for each one throughout the week, then you’ll notice a change in your mood and view of your everyday life. 

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