I’m Tima. I Help Busy Moms Catch A Break.

The Self-Care Mom (formerly known as Motherhood Through My Eyes, MTME) began as an everyday journal by a young, first-time mom exploring the idea of parenting. At 23, it was exciting to document my daily experiences with a newborn. It opened doors for me as I transitioned from a working parent to a stay-at-home mom in 2013.

How This Blog Began

As exciting as it might be to set up your own daily schedule, there was a sense of loneliness. Living in a new state with a new role, there was little time for myself. I needed something to keep me sane and to have something for when the kids were all in school.

With time, my blog has expanded into a website for new moms and moms of multiples to find parenting tips they can use daily. This is when I turned things around and used my blog as a business.

From cleaning hacks to multifunctional products that make a difference, here is where you’ll discover the value of family time. We always encourage our readers to spend time with their kids, to get out there and make those memories. Just as we do with our family, we hope to inspire your next family adventure — even if it’s just to a local museum.

This new content opened doors to collaborations and getting to know more about South Florida and what it meant to live in these parts. Through these connections, I’ve been able to help other moms in similar shoes create businesses of their own.

As a family of multiple, it has always been a priority for us to make time for our kids. Sharing our experiences on this website helps other moms in search of ways they can help their children appreciate the simple things in life.

From family road trips to the grocery store, you can discover many ways to connect with your child. That’s our goal, to get you and your children excited about spending time together.

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