Wind Down Routine: How To Recover From Mom Burnout

Create the best wind down routine after a long day using these quick tips on how to recover from a mom burnout.

Making time for yourself can be a challenge when you are raising kids. If you find yourself constantly trying to care for everyone around you and placing their needs before your own, then it might be time to rethink your self-care expectations. Sprinkling self-care into your day can help you minimize stress, boost your self-confidence, promote healthy lifestyle changes, and improve your mood.

How Do You Make A Wind Down Routine?

Planning a self-care day might sound unattainable at this moment, but the more you sprinkle self-care into your week, the easier it becomes for you to do so daily. There are various ways you can begin to implement a day of self-care. You can opt for weekend ideas, night self-care, and even seasonal self-care ideas. Regardless of what you decide to go with, there is no denying the benefits of self-care

How Long Should You Wind Down Before Bed?

Between 1-2 hours is the best option for winding down before bed. To help create a healthy bedtime routine, you will need to focus on behaviors throughout the day that make it easy to relax at night. Limiting your screen time, giving yourself free time, and writing down your worries are all great options for you to create the best winding down routine.

Between 30-45 minutes before bed is another good option to wind down before bedtime. Although one hour is ideal, it depends on the amount of time you have to include hobbies to decompress or activities after work. Focus on your current schedule and see how you can incorporate ways to unwind and destress at night.

50 Self-Care Ideas To Avoid Mom Burnout

Make time to unwind after a long day at work or at home with the kids to avoid mom burnout. How you choose to wind down for bed is up to you. These 50 self-care ideas are a great to way to get started on your winding down routine.

1. Light a Jen Luana candle
2. Tidy up your space
3. Create a bedtime routine
4. Reach out to a loved one
5. Take a bubble bath
6. Read an interesting book
7. Listen to music
8. Go for a walk
9. Enjoy time alone
10. Warm up your favorite warm beverage

11. Spend time with someone you love
12. Dance your heart out
13. Set boundaries for yourself
14. Write down how you feel
15. Share your thoughts with a loved one
16. Eat a healthy treat
17. Watch a funny show
18. Dress comfortably
19. Give yourself a facial
20. Skim through your favorite magazine

21. Practice breathing exercises
22. Compliment a stranger
23. Plan a meet-up with friends
24. Treat yourself to something special
25. Reorganize your space
26. Start a vision board
27. Jot down things that make you happy
28. Clean out your junk drawer
29. Help someone who needs assistance
30. Send a loved one a text about missing them

31. Put aside a money jar
32. Reflect on your day
33. Workout
34. Do your hair
35. Give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure
36. Cuddle with a pet or loved one
37. Recite positive affirmations
38. Catch an episode or two of your favorite show
39. Try fun self-care activities
40. Make sleep a priority

41. Focus on saying No
42. Scroll through old photos
43. Put your phone on silent
44. Declutter your home
45. Create a donation pile
46. Tune in to a podcast
47. Write down ideas for the future
48. Get dressed up for no occasion
49. Plan your To-Do list for tomorrow
50. Stretch your body

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I do to unwind before bed?

There are a number of ways to decompress before heading to bed. You can try stretching exercises, working on your favorite hobbies, and taking a bath. Focus on activities that can help you relax.

How to create a wind down routine?

Before you start thinking about how to unwind after a long day, you will need to decide on a set bedtime. Once you have a set time for bed, you can plan for activities you enjoy. Give yourself a timeframe for when you would like to complete each task as you begin unwinding for the day.

What are relaxing activities for adults?

Activities such as listening to calming music, reading a good book, or crafting can be great options to try to help you relax before heading to bed. Practicing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness calm your mind and unwind your body as well. These have also been proven to improve sleep.

Create the best wind down routine after a long day using these quick tips on how to recover from a mom burnout.