Minimalist Playroom Organization Ideas For Multiple Kids

Remove unnecessary objects and make space for the best playroom toys your kids will enjoy with these minimalist playroom organization ideas.

Unisex playroom ideas are perfect for small play areas.

Raising three kids in different age groups can be a challenge at times. Keeping their toys in place is easier with the use of storage bins. 

All the toys the kids have received throughout the years were all in one place. They were easy to access and the kids were loving it. 

As a mom of multiples, I couldn’t wait to start a donation pile. My husband was against it, so I waited. 

After waiting, I decided packing the toys into heavy-duty bins was the best option. Stacking the storage bins on top of each other gave me a sense of accomplishment. 

This didn’t last long because the kids had my husband help move the bins around from time to time. The mess started to accumulate again because the lids were left open and the toys were always out of place. 

I noticed a permanent fix was better than none. As I began working on the playroom, I realized there were a number of toys that my kids had outgrown. 

The toys were removed and donated to local charities. With time, the playroom only had toys the kids would actually use. 

Placing select toys in different parts of the house made it easier for the kids to create moments together. The smaller toys went into their rooms to make it easier to find. 

Having the small pieces in one place also made the rest of the house more enjoyable. You know what it’s like stepping on an army toy. 

I could easily walk into the living room and spot pieces from their collection sprawled across the floor. It was an eyesore and I needed to feel like my home was my happy place again. 

Is A Playroom Necessary

If you have kids, then I recommend having a playroom. Although a playroom may not be necessary, it’s encouraging for kids to have a place to be kids in their home. 

Every playroom is unique, and it doesn’t always have to be a room. You can create a play area for your children to enjoy moments or independent play. 

This idea of a play section helps kids understand the value in using their imagination. A play area is defined as a section in the home where children can play in. 

It helps when you have visitors as well because it lets kids know they are welcomed to come visit. Having a playroom makes it fun for the kids at home as well. 

What Should Be In A Playroom 

Although there are various ideas for organizing playrooms and kid’s spaces available on Pinterest, I could never find something that fits my family’s lifestyle and home decor. That’s when I decided to rework the play area and make it more inviting for all three kids. 

First, I had to wrap my head around the mess in the playroom. I started targeting the bulkier objects that took up too much space. 

Once these items were out of the way, I was able to get a better picture of what I wanted the room to look like. More inviting, less distracting were the best ways I could describe what I was looking for in the kids’ playroom. 

Creating a minimalist play area for the kids

How To Create Minimalist Playroom Organization Ideas For Kids

Less means more when it comes to kids. The less you focus on buying more toys for your child, the better off you’ll be. 

Finding the right toys for your child to explore depends on their age. Everyday use toys, such as play kitchens and fake money sets are great for life lessons you can teach your children. 

The more you expose your child to life lessons at an early age, the more they’ll learn to appreciate the value in everyday things. It’s been quite the journey so far raising three kids and teaching them how to clean up the mess.

With time, I’ve learned to decrease the amount of toys they have in the home. Having less toys has proven to bring the kids closer

Creating a simple playroom is a lot easier than you think. All you need is the right playroom design ideas. 

Once you’ve come up with an idea for a minimalist playroom, you’ll need to think of items to include in your play area.  I’ve shared some ways you can make a small playroom area in your home on a budget.

Using minimalist lifestyle tips, you can improve your living space with multiple kids.

Small Playroom Ideas On A Budget 

Coming up with playroom ideas can be exciting when you have small children. However, a play area can easily get overcrowded by toys if not properly maintained. 

With three kids at home, it’s almost impossible to remove toys from your home without someone noticing. Sometimes the person who notices right away isn’t a child, but your spouse. 

This is one of the reasons why I’ve learned to keep a separate area in the home and use it as a playroom for the kids. Having a small playroom makes it easier for tidying up and you can simplify toy selection. 

Although many swear by toy rotation, I’m a fan of donating toys as time goes on. Not only does it clear up space in your home, but it makes cleaning up a breeze. 

Now that the kids are older, they are helping more with tidying up the play area and other parts of the house. This makes it easier on me as well. 

If you’re thinking of small playroom ideas on a budget for your home, then I recommend using the following items: playroom rugsart for playroombookshelf for playroom, and kids playroom storage

Playroom rugs are a great touch when you’re looking to add small playroom ideas on a budget. By using a rug in the playroom, you’re adding a defined area for the kids to enjoy. 

An area rug in the playroom can be used as seating for reading time or as a section for certain toys. Less messy toys, like stuffed animals, are a nice touch to playroom rugs. 

Art for playroom ideas vary based on the type of furniture you use within the area. You can always go with simple touches like watercolor inspirational words

There are playroom wall decals you can try that are less expensive and are still colorful and inviting. Cheap wall art ideas for the playroom are easy to create on your own using Canva, a color printer, and dollar store frames. 

Having a bookshelf for playroom decor helps with storage as well as containing the reading materials. Using bookshelves to store toys can be helpful because it’s an easy way to organize the playroom without adding too much furniture. 

Less items in a toy room means more concentration for your child and open spaces in your home. With a minimalist kids room, you can move things around to create a more inviting area for your kids to enjoy. 

Bookshelves make it easy for you to move things around. You can organize items accordingly when you have somewhere to place them. 

However, you don’t always need bookshelves to make the area look organized. You can choose a kids playroom storage from your favorite retailer. 

Here are some options for you to choose what’s best for you and your needs: 

Storage basket 
Clear storage bins 
Storage cabinet bench
Toy storage basket and play mat

Storage Basket 

A storage basket is perfect for a minimalist toy storage since the basket keeps everything in one place. Kids have the option to choose which item from the basket they’d like to use. 

Clear Storage Bins

Finding toys is a lot easier when you can see what’s in them. Separate toy bins are great for classifying different items in the playroom. 

This option is great if you’re looking for a minimalist Montessori playroom because it helps children make use of independent play. 

Storage Cabinet Bench

Using a storage cabinet bench in the playroom is perfect for a simplified look. You can mix in the storage bins and bench for a more organized look in your play area. 

Another reason you might opt to use a storage cabinet bench is that functions as a minimalist toy box. You can easily hide the toys on the bench and use them for seating purposes — the perfect addition to your minimalist playroom organization.  

Toy Storage Basket And Play Mat

Using a toy storage basket and play mat combination is perfect for the kids because it simplifies the clean-up process. Also, you can teach your kids the importance of staying organized with their toys. 

I picked two toy storage basket and play mat items from Amazon during the holiday season to help the kids organize their cars. It’s been a great addition to their playroom because they can dump everything right into it.

Preparing A Minimalist Montessori Playroom For Kids

The kids are independent and they love spending time in their playroom. One of the ways you can make your playroom more inviting is by setting up an area where they can choose their own activities. 

A minimalist Montessori playroom is a perfect touch for multiple kids because it teaches them to work together. 

One of the most important parts of a Montessori setup is observation. Paying attention to the types of activities your child enjoys is key to getting your child to dedicate more time to independent play. 

Using minimalist playroom ideas from Pinterest can help organize your space. One thing I found to be helpful while working on the kids’ playroom is adding space for you to enjoy as well. 

You can make use of things in your home, like throw pillows. These are perfect for making the area look more inviting for the kids. 

Having a comfortable space for your kids to play at home is important because it gives them the necessary tools to be creative. LEGO pieces are one of my favorite additions for the kids. 

I love incorporating LEGO products in the playroom because it’s a reminder that it’s where you can use items like this, and others as well. The kids love it because it helps them get even more creative.

Using LEGO products in a minimalist playroom comes in handy because it functions as a unisex playroom when you have multiple children. A play kitchen, some building toys, and lots of open space makes the area more exciting. 

Don’t forget the storage items as well. Those will be perfect for clean up time with the kids.

Color is important when decorating a space. Using bright colors will make the room look crisp and clean. Always choose simple, earth tones for the playroom. This makes the area more inviting for kids and is easier on the eyes.

Keep things simple in the playroom to avoid having much to clean.

Minimalist Toy Box Ideas

Adding an easy setup for your kids’ toys makes clean-up a lot easier for you and your children. The more you add to the playroom, the more you’ll need to pick up.

Sticking to minimalist toy storage will get your kids excited about a play area that’s both functional and entertaining for your family.

Our playroom is next to the kitchen, a high-transit area. This makes it more of an eyesore for guests and my family during the day.

One of the ways you can encourage minimalist plays among your children is by using small toy boxes spaced throughout the play area. You can see how I did this in the kids’ playroom to help make playtime and cleaning time easier for everyone.

Visibility is everything for kids. Oftentimes, they’ll ask for a toy from years ago. Setting similar toys together makes it simple for the kids to find items that they’d like to use.

Minimalist toy storage, like these white boxes on Amazon, makes the play area stand out. Keep the items in the storage boxes to a minimum. Choose everyday toys your kids enjoy.

Right now, I have Counting, Cooking, Coloring, and Cleaning labels on the white boxes purchased from Amazon. These boxes contain the related items and invite the kids to play together or on their own.

Storage also helps when organizing a play area in the kids’ rooms. Most parents like this option because it minimizes the mess throughout the home.

You can simplify your kids’ room when converting a space into a play area by using storage bins. I picked up these gray storage bins and play mats for the boys’ room and ended up using them in the playroom.

I love that I can switch it up from time to time by moving things to their room or into the garage to save space inside the house.

FAQs On Creating A Minimalist Playroom Organization Ideas

Many people have asked questions about ways you can create a simple playroom that works for multiple kids. As kids get older their toys get more compact.

Toys for older kids become electronics or collectibles that can be enjoyed from time to time and easily stored. This is one of the reasons why people often ask the following questions:

How do I make a fun playroom?
How do I combine the living room and playroom?
What are the best playrooms for kids?
Can I use DIY kids’ playroom ideas?

The best answer to all these questions is to focus on what you and your family needs. You know your kids better than anyone on Pinterest and you’ll know what will make a fun playroom for them.

Combining the living room and a playroom will require less planning and more simplifying. You can always use kids storage ideas from Amazon and bigger toys to put items away.

Final Thoughts

Noticing your children’s play area needs work is one thing, doing something about it is another. You will drive yourself insane with the number of things your children will collect over the years. 

From pieces from the outdoors to toys from candy packages, it’s interesting to see how much you pick up with time. Some of the best items you can throw in using minimalist playroom organization ideas involve keeping the area bright and clean. 

Less items means less mess, and definitely an easy clean-up. Focus on ways to make the play area more inviting for the children to enjoy spending time there.

You’ll notice an increase in your energy levels when you have little to no mess to worry about before bed. Including kids house chores for everyone to help can be rewarding as well.