Make Time For yourself

Discover the value in setting boundaries, improving your time management skills, and more!

Get Ideas For The Family

Learn how to plan a Yes Day, recite positive affirmations together, and get the kids to stop fighting over toys.

Organize your space

Transition to a minimalist lifestyle with kids, learn how to stop overstocking your closet, and get tips on how to clean a messy home.

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Meet Tima Torres

An advocate for family time, a self-care devotee, and a creative junkie.

There are few things in life that do not come with an instruction manual. Motherhood is one of them.

The Self-Care Mom shares everyday parenting hacks, self-care ideas, and home organization tips to help simplify your life.

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Practicing self-care improves the way you feel about yourself and those around you. Learn how to start your journey today with the use of challenges.

10-Day Cleaning Challenge

Organize your living space in less than a month, and learn how to keep it that way – with kids at home.

7-Day Self-Care Challenge

From adjusting your expectations on self-care to focusing on healthy lifestyle changes, it doesn’t matter where you are today. It’s all about looking at the bigger picture. This one-week challenge will help you achieve the right mentality to get you started in your self-care journey.

Custom Self-Care Planner

Discover how to create a self-care schedule that works for you and your family using this FREE digital download.

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