10+ Things To Buy For Your Home At Dollar Tree

When I first moved in with Jeff I noticed he had a lot of disposable dishware. Although that might come in handy at times, I didn’t think it was a way to live. Yes, doing the dishes isn’t always fun, but I grew up in a home where we used disposable plates and forks if there was a party or if we were on the go. And moving in with Jeff wasn’t going to be any different. 

Because I enjoy shopping at Dollar Tree, I decided to check out the dishware aisles. When I spotted glass plates, I feel in love. I picked up six and noticed there were small glass plates too. I picked up six of those as well. With time, I had a collection of dishware that only cost me a dollar each. Although some people might think it’s a waste of money because they don’t have the same quality as some of the well-known brand, I like to know that if at any given moment I decided to change my dishware, or even add one or two pieces, I have the flexibility to do so. And the best part is, it’ll only cost me a dollar. 
Here are other home items that can be found at Dollar Tree that are worth purchasing: 
1. Wine glasses. They have simple wine glasses to choose from and the ones with a gold trim. I chose the gold trim wine glasses because they looked very sophisticated. 
2. Coffee mugs. If you have a favorite color or would like to switch your dishware based on season, then Dollar Tree is where you want to be. There are a variety of colors to choose from each season. Right now it’s all about green, orange, and yellow as they gear up for autumn. 
3. Glass containers. Whether it’s for your sugar or to keep your oil and vinegar at hand while you cook, Dollar Tree has very a selection of glass containers that work well in just about every kitchen. 
4. Organizing bins. Clean up is a lot easier when things have a place of their own, and there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from. 
5. Chopsticks. For those of you who love sushi and often order out, there’s nothing like having your own pair of chopsticks. And yes, these are available at select Dollar Tree stores. I purchased a couple of packs to total a pair of six chopsticks. 
6. Handsoap. They have the Softsoap brand, which smells amazing, along with the Softsoap refill bottles. 
7. Bars of soap. If you or someone you know has sensitive skin, I highly recommend the hypoalergetic bars of soap. I believe they come with three. For those of you with oily and sensitive skin, or simply looking for a great bar of soap for your face — yes, there is such thing as soap that’s good for your face — then I suggest you pick up the Palmolive 3-pack. You’ll thank me when you see an improvement on your face. 
8. Plastic tubberware. These are easy to replace and they even have Rubbermaid brand ones in a variety of sizes. 
9. Fake flowers. If you’re looking to breathe life into your home but you want to keep it simple, I suggest adding fake flowers to your dining table. I recently picked up a couple of fake flowers from Dollar Tree, some marbles, and a glass vase. It definitely gives my home color — and I’m not really a fan of flowers, but I like to look at them. 
10. Cleaning supplies. From spray bottles to Comet bleach for the the toilet, you’ll want to stack up on these home items. I use a spray bottle of vinegar and water to dust my home and some Comet bleach with a toilet brush I purhcased at Dollar Tree. They work wonders for our bathroom. 
11. Picture frames. If you have a baby or a toddler roaming around, you may want to invest in $1 picture frames from Dollar Tree because your child will get ahold of them and break the standing piece. Most of my picture frames are from Dollar Tree. Although they do have a small selection, you can always buy spray paint to meet your decor needs. 
Are there any other items from Dollar Tree you recommend purchasing? 

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