Month: November 2014

  • No Matter Where Life Takes Me, I Have My Honda

    To some people a car is just another form of transportation. But for me, it is my sanctuary.  Even before I passed my driver’s license test I knew the car I wanted. I had my eye on a white Nissan Altima. I always joked with friends saying I could chip off the “A” and the “L” and be driving a “TIMA,” like my nickname. But when I got my license and was saving for my first car, all I could think of was a white Honda Accord sedan. I remember the endless search on Craig’s List to find one that was

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  • Simple Ways To Make Kids House Chores Fun

    Simple Ways To Make Kids House Chores Fun

    You can teach your child responsibility at an early age. Kids house chores are a great way to get help around the house. Learn how to add daily chores for kids and how to create a kids’ chore chart.

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  • How To Spot And Engage Millennial Moms

    I am a proud millennial mom, but not all companies understand me.Not all companies are aware of a millennial mom’s daily life and how to help improve her busy lifestyle. Millennial moms are easy to spot at any local grocery store, and sometimes these places fail to meet their needs.  I know because I roll my eyes whenever cashiers place items in the shopping cart as soon as I take my son out. I do not know where in their mind it would make sense for me to hold my child or have him walk next to me while I

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  • Why Events Fail To Engage Attendees

    I have been to several events both in the corporate world and as a mom blogger and some things never change. I spoke to a friend I met at one of the mom events I attended and it made me think about the importance of targeting the right audience. After attending one of the events I received two emails from the place I attended. I was being invited to sign my son up to something he was a little too young to participate in. And after the first email, I wanted to reply with “You’re wasting your time, my son

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  • Graco DuoDiner Highchair – Starburst

    Easy to use and clean. Whether you have two free hands or one, this highchair makes feeding time so much easier. The tray has two handles on the side that allows you to remove and lock it in. You can even push in the Graco logo in the front to release the handles and remove the tray. This highchair also turns into a booster seat for restaurant use and can be added to practically any dining chair. The best part of when you move the seat upright. The back of the chair turns into a storage compartment where you can

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