• That Hallmark Couple

    That Hallmark Couple

    Everyone you meet is going through something that you can’t see. And every couple has their own issues. My husband told me a family member called us “that Hallmark couple”, and I laughed so loud to the thought of it. Here’s the thing, we’re not perfect, and we’ll never claim to be. We’re like anyone else, except we know how to balance each other out. We get upset, we have our disagreements and most importantly, we love each other like crazy. What Makes Us ‘Perfect’ One thing that has helped up cope with everyday life is our ability to feed

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  • 5 Curly Hair Hacks To Naturally Improve Your Curls Overnight

    5 Curly Hair Hacks To Naturally Improve Your Curls Overnight

    Need some curly hair tips? Here are five to get your started on ways to improve the texture of your hair.

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  • 5 Reasons To Attend A PWAT Session

    5 Reasons To Attend A PWAT Session

    This post is sponsored by PWAT in Pembroke Pines. I received a complimentary painting session from this location. All thoughts are my own. If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to paint while you’re intoxicated, then Painting With A Twist (PWAT) is for you. Last night Pembroke Pines welcomed it’s very first PWAT location to the public with treats from neighboring businesses — and of course, they had wine. Lots of it! Guests gathered around the hall and in the private room for a brief speech from the owners of the Pembroke Pines location. Although some attendees only stayed

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  • Spread Love With Dollar Tree

    Spread Love With Dollar Tree

    This post is sponsored by Dollar Tree and contains affiliate links. Nothing happens when you click on any of the links, but if you decide to make a purchase I will make a small commission from the sales. Please note that I did receive compensation for sharing this information with readers, all thoughts are my own. Family and friends know I love saving whenever and wherever I go, and Dollar Tree has been one of my go-to stores for more than 10 years. There have been moments that I’ve spent more than $45 for holiday decor and gift-wrapping items. I recently

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  • Teach Kindness

    Teach Kindness

    This post is sponsored by Sesame Street and HBO, in collaboration with Bloggin’ Mamas. Although I received compensation to share this information, all thoughts are my own.  Becoming a parent means you need to lay the foundation for your children’s future. It may seem scary, but there’s always help. You know the saying, “it takes a village”? Well, it really does. It takes all the help you can get to raise your children to reach their full potential. When you turn on the news and hear about sadness and suffering throughout the world, it can make you cringe at the thought

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