• Potty Training Part Deux

    Potty Training Part Deux

    This post is sponsored by Pampers. Although I received compensation for sharing this information, these thoughts are my own. Potty training seems a lot easier the second time around. Our firstborn had some help from his preschool, and he’s ready to teach his baby brother how to be more independent. When we first discussed getting our youngest ready to use the toilet, our eldest was quick to offer his assistance. He’s been such a wonderful help is preparing the little guy to use the potty, but what has also been helpful is bringing Pampers Easy Ups into the mix. They

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  • 3 Reasons You Might Want A Foam Mattress

    3 Reasons You Might Want A Foam Mattress

    Finding the right twin mattress for your little one can be a challenge. When I heard about a potential collaboration with Lull, I knew this would be a good opportunity to not only try something but also get the kids out of our bed. Prior to purchasing a foam mattress, we had a foam layer on our bed. It was the best, inexpensive decision we made at the time. For less than $150, we picked up one of those foam toppers for our queen mattress. It made such a difference on our backs.  After our firstborn, we ended up with

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