• Hosting A Gender Reveal

    Hosting A Gender Reveal

    Finding out the gender of your baby is such a blessing. Although I strongly believe in raising your children the same e regardless of their sex, knowing your child’s gender can help you plan ahead. When I found out a family member was pregnant, I was excited for her and her little family. They are such great parents to their other children and knowing that they’ll be welcoming another child this fall has been a blessing. Not only because they’ll be adding another boy and we can offer them a good chunk of the things our boys no longer use, but

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  • How We Found Our Dream Home In Less Than 6 Months

    How We Found Our Dream Home In Less Than 6 Months

    We fell in love with a pink house and ended up with our dream home. For years, I’ve been trying to convince my husband that owning a home is a lot better than renting one. The headaches of dealing with someone else’s property and having to repair something time after time isn’t worth it. Owning a home will give you a piece of mind. After all, each time you invest in the home you’ve purchased, you’re putting money back into your pocket. Whatever you fix or renovate gives your home more value. Not someone else’s.    Making A Promise And Keeping It

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