• Parenting 101: Expectations Aren’t Always A Good Thing

    This post is sponsored by ZERO TO THREE, in collaboration with The Motherhood. Becoming a parent for the first time means you often have expectations on how everything will go. I remember when our eldest was born and how much I thought it was going to get easier with time. It doesn’t, but you do get accustomed to things over time. So Many Expectations We had so many expectations with our eldest when he was born, and we hoped he’d hit so many milestones before he reached a certain age. Little did we know, we were placing stress on ourselves.

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  • 4 Years Of Motherhood Through My Eyes 

    4 Years Of Motherhood Through My Eyes 

    In August 2013, I created this corner on the web. And I haven’t looked back. After four years of working on this blog, I’ve learned the value of following your passion and not trying to “fit the mold”. When I began Motherhood Through My Eyes, I was sitting at my desk in a small North Jersey office. I was writing during my day job as an assistant editor and coming up with online marketing goals and ways to execute them as a social media strategist for B2B companies. It was fun. I learned a lot from my colleagues and those

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