Month: December 2017

  • That “Me” Activity

    That “Me” Activity

    When you enter the wonderful world of motherhood you quickly begin to realize that it’s no longer about you. Your needs are often thrown out the window and you’re staring at your new boss. You’re almost tempted to cut your hair very short to make personal care less time-consuming. Nights are tough for a good two to three months and you think twice about whether or not this whole parenting thing was meant for you. The last part is something you might question several times in your life as your child continues to grow. Terrible twos? Forget it, wait until

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  • Holiday Gift Guide For Parents On A Budget

    Holiday Gift Guide For Parents On A Budget

    Whether you’ve had a major change in your life — such as a new addition to the family or purchased a new home — staying on a budget will be key to a successful holiday season for you and your family. I should know, we’re experiencing both! With the idea of a third child on the way and the purchase of our first home, we’re not thinking of going above and beyond this year. Add the fact that we’re hosting Jeff’s family for Christmas Eve and you have a recipe for potentially going over budget. Bringing Joy This Holiday Although

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  • 5 Everyday Gifts For Bloggers

    5 Everyday Gifts For Bloggers

    One thing I love about being a blogger is the number of handy tools available out there to make our job a lot easier. From car mounts to planners, there are so many options to choose from if you’re looking to give a blogger something special. Shopping for someone is a lot easier when you’re familiar with their style. Not every blogger is the same, so think of ways you can make their present unique to them. Below are 5 gift ideas for your blogger friends to enjoy that are worth purchasing: 1) 3-in-1 Mount Bundle: $49.95 One of my

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  • MTME’s 25 Days of Christmas + December Giveaways

    MTME’s 25 Days of Christmas + December Giveaways

    Christmas is near, and I can’t believe we’re getting ready to welcome a new year! Throughout the past couple of months, I’ve been able to connect with a number of brands and amazing bloggers who’ve helped me continue to grow. Your support has helped my family and I reach a goal in our lives that we will forever cherish — the purchase of our first home!   As a huge thank you, I’ve put together a 25 Days of Christmas tradition for you to try with your family. There will be five  giveaways this month, the first one starts Friday, December 1st

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