Simple Ways To Downsize And Stop Overstocking Your Closet

Downsizing your closet is a great way to avoid having to do loads of laundry. It also helps you avoid overstocking your closet during the year. Learn how you can love your closet and find simple, cute outfits to wear for every occasion.

When you revamp your closet, you’re making space for the items you want to wear and breathe new life into clothes you love. There are a variety of cute outfits that you can find in your closet.

I’ve managed to clean out my wardrobe over the years and I wanted to share with you how to clean your closet in 15 minutes.

What you choose to wear reflects the mood you’re in, and it’s no secret that you often feel your best when you get dressed for the day.

Simple ways to avoid overstocking your closet.

Benefits Of Decluttering Space

It’s no surprise to find there are benefits of decluttering, such as reducing anxiety, minimizing tension between family members, and boosting confidence.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling overwhelmed by simply looking at a mess at home, then you understand why you need to purge your closet from time to time.

The mind wonders when it sees too much going on. When you clean up your closet, you’re making room for creativity in different aspects of everyday life.

Overstocking your closet creates anxiety because it makes you feel overwhelmed when deciding on what to wear. You know the statement, “I have nothing to wear” when you have a closet full of clothes?

It stems from not having your closet in order.

Cleaning your closet helps minimize tension between family members because sometimes the clutter gets overwhelming for others living at home. I know first-hand the struggles between my parents about my mother’s love for having too many clothing items.

Modifying your closet items can give you a boost of confidence in a way that allows you to feel confident in your outfit decisions. When you know what’s in the closet, you have a better understanding of how you’d like to style it.

Overstocking Your Closet - The Self-Care Mom

3 Ways To Keep Yourself From Overstocking

To avoid stocking up the closet with unnecessary items, it’s important to keep in mind three things: transition to useful itemswork your closet; and update it as often as possible.

There are many reasons why you’d want to add more to clothing items, but there’s really no need for it without going through the pieces you already own.

Transitioning to useful items means you’re thinking ahead and making sure the pieces you add are going to work for more than one occasion. Never purchase an outfit for an event.

When shopping for an occasion, you want to think about one item that can work well with other pieces at home. This slowly helps you rebuild your closet and update pieces you don’t mind giving away.

How To Transform Your Closet

There are a variety things every women should have in her closet. One of them being basic staples such as comfortable leggings, black flats, and a cardigan sweater.

Before picking up another set of items from the clothing store and overstocking your closet, I recommend you shop your closet instead. Focusing on wardrobe must-haves is a great way to start.

From work wardrobe staples to everyday basic staples, there are a number of clothes you’ll want to keep when purging your closet.

Skip trendy looks

Yes, the latest fashion trend will repeat itself in a couple of years. However, not all trends fit the lifestyle you live.

If you often change your hair color, then bright outfits might not always been the best option. Sticking to basic nature colors is always a good look.

Think about the surroundings

Cute peacoats are nice, but you won’t need them in warm weather. Based on the season, you’ll need to think about the items you’ll be using.

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Create different styles with less.

Learn To Work Your Closet

Now that you know what you’ll need throughout the upcoming months, you can begin to think of the best way to clean out your closet. Whether you decide to donate, sell, or gift clothes, there are two things you’ll want to do before separating them.

When you’re looking to get rid of clothes, you’ll need to wash and fold them. Sometimes there are items that you’ve only worn once and put it back in the closet.

It’s always a good idea to give clothes away in their best condition for someone else to enjoy.

One of the simple ways to learn how to simplify your closet is by understanding what you have in there. Some clothes no longer fit your lifestyle and it’s okay to admit you’re not going down that road again.

It’s happened to me before with faux leather pants and low-cut tops I’d wear to the club as a young adult. You want to focus on dressing yourself in clothes that make you feel comfortable.

After you clean your closet and wash items you plan to give away, the next thing to do is pretend like you’re shopping your own closet. Think about the clothes that work well together, and piece them as outfits for upcoming weeks.

Picking out looks for future events and potential date nights are always a good idea. It helps you look forward to breathing life into those cute jeans or your favorite top.

Once you simplify your closet, you’ll notice how many items you’ve had lying around waiting to be loved again. Also, if you chose to sell clothes, now you have money to rebuild your closet.

How To Update Your Closet

With all the clothes you’ve been able to give away it’s time to think of how to build your closet. I’ve shared seasonal fashion staples below that can help with creating timeless looks.

Here are clothing items you can use daily throughout the different seasons, this is one of the steps on how to purge your closet.

Winter Fashion Staples:

A good pair of boots;
A comfortable sweater dress;
Simple black Leggings; and
A warm coat.

Spring Wardrobe Staples:

A comfortable pair of heels;
A bright top;
A pair of light jeans; and
Comfortable sneakers.

Summer Wardrobe Staples:

A midi skirt;
White t-shirt;
A stylish jumpsuit; and
A pair of shorts.

Fall Fashion Staples:

A pair of dark jeans;
A comfortable cardigan;
A pair of black flats; and
Long-sleeve shirt.

What’s fun about these seasonal pieces is that you can mix them with different items from each category to create new looks. For instance, a pair of black flats would look great with shorts and a white t-shirt, and a midi skirt with a bright top would look fabulous with a comfortable pair of heels.

As mentioned earlier, with fewer items in the closet your creativity levels increase. You piece together clothing staples that you didn’t think could work.

Overstocking your closet - The Self-Care Mom

How To Clean Up Your Closet

Now that you know how to minimize your closet, it’s time to organize the area. This will help you make quick outfit decisions throughout the week.

There are simple ways to clean a closet in 15 minutes or less. Once you’ve put aside the things you want to keep vs the items you’ll be giving away, cleaning out the closet in a short period of time is doable.

Below are 5 tips to organize your closet space:

  1. Place the belts and bows in a box.
  2. Store the shoes on a shelf.
  3. Hang clothes on a hanger.
  4. Use drawers mainly for delicates.
  5. Keep like with like (or keep similar things together).
Add minimalist wardrobe essentials to your closet. Overstocking your closet

Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials

Over the years, there’s been a shift in the fashion industry to focus on simple clothing items you can pair with just about anything. From your classic black tops to easy-to-wear tanks and camis.

The shift was brought on by the adaptation of minimalist living and the need for simple looks that work for everyday styles.

The following clothing staples can be worn as part of your work from home wardrobe pieces as well as essential wardrobe items for a career woman.

Black pants;
White blouse;
Short-sleeve dress;
Low heels;
Pencil skirt; and
Black blazer.

Having these clothing items handy are perfect for accessorizing with statement pieces, such as a colorful handbag or headband. Even a red lip color can help bring out a bit of personality while you work.

I will recommend that you purchase two of the same white blouses. It makes it easier in case you get a stain on one.

Always go with neutral colors — such as black, white, and gray — when selecting pieces for work. Brown and beige are sometimes considered neutral as well and can be used to tone down the other colors.

Accessories are a great way to add a pop of color to your everyday outfits. However, you don’t want to overdo it with your collection.

Studs are always in style and work for just about every occasion. They are elegant, comfortable, and safe to wear around kids.