This pregnancy has taken a toll on me. From being tired all the time to random lower back pains, it’s been tough to be selfless and show Jeff how much I appreciate everything he does. 
I can’t think of the last time I was able to sit through an entire episode of one of our shows. And sometimes I regret it in the morning when he’s off to work and we get less than an hour to chat before I have to head out a perform our daily routine. But that doesn’t mean I don’t leave little hits here and there that show how much I love him. 
Silent Ways To Show You Care
I’ve never been one to post a million and one photos of me and my significant other. Although I think it’s sweet when others do this, I’m just not really into it. Most people didn’t even know of Jeff until the day I announced I was pregnant. 
And here we are today, with a pup, a toddler and another on the way. We have a lot on our plates these days, and sometimes every little thing adds up. But just like everyday life can get in the way of things, there are ways to squeeze in small hints of love. Here are three of my favorite:
1. Leave him a note. 
I fell in love with Jeff not only for his sexy looks, but because of the person he is and how much he appreciates the little things. I used to write him notes and would give them to him whenever we’d meet during the week. He thought it was sweet and kept every single one *blushes*
2. Surprise him with a gift. 
Jeff’s pretty simple and he doesn’t need much to be happy, but there are random things that I know make his life easier. From comfortable sandals to a new pair of work pants, these are the little things that show you not only care, but you’re also paying attention.
3. Cook his favorite meal. 
I haven’t been a fan of the kitchen for a month now. The smells really get to me, but I do my best to cook for my family, or cook extra one day so we have leftovers. Jeff has certain dishes he really enjoys, and I love making them for him. 
And here’s a bonus one…
Plan some alone time. 
It’s great to spend family time with your guy and the kids, but don’t forget how important it is to spend some alone time with him. You don’t need to hire a babysitter or ask your parents to watch the kids. Simply set up a movie night while the kids are asleep or enjoy the pool together.  There are so many things you can do, so get creative. 😉 

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  1. This is so sweet. It's easy to forget that doing something as simple as cooking his favorite meal is actually really thoughtful. Oh, and we are all about the movie nights with the kids upstairs. Wish we had a pool to go in. Maybe someday!

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