You probably didn’t think becoming a mom meant you signed up for a life sentence of placing someone else’s needs before your own. And although you may feel as though you need to get back to your pre-baby weight right away, there are other things that come first.  
For starters, you need to focus on eating right before getting on that treadmill. I read somewhere that abs are made in the kitchen, and I agree. 
Below are 5 tips for new moms looking to focus on getting in shape:
1. Cut out the fatty foods
Just because you love to bake and/or eat sweets, doesn’t mean you can’t make healthy versions of your favorite treat. You can always substitute butter in your sweets with olive oil or apple sauce. 
2. Drink plenty of water. 
Keeping yourself hydrated is so important as a new mom, and it will improve your skin. 
3. Keep active at home. 
I know you’re often told to take things easy at home and to always ask for help when you have a newborn. But let’s be honest, you can still do house chores that won’t cause harm during your recovery phase. Plus, it’s good to keep active — at least for your own sanity! 

4. Go for walks
When you’re finally feeling up for it, take morning walks. Those are the best because you get your workout in early and you can improve your attitude for the rest of the day. 
5. Cut cravings with fruits. 
The best fast food is fruit, and they’re faster to prep and eat than any fast-food drive thru. 
Keep an apple or pear handy for those moments you feel weak. 
What fitness tips would you offer a new mom? 

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