Having my son in preschool reminds of my own school days. I recently documented his first day and how I felt after dropping him off. You can read all about it over here.

Because taking him to school is something new for me, I have yet to get accustomed to the morning routine. Who knew even a morning person would feel overwhelmed in the morning. Although Sebastian is getting better with the morning ritual, it’s still heartbreaking to leave him in school as the tears roll down his cheeks.

To help Sebastian and I maintain a steady pace during the week, we’ve included a couple of things to our grocery list. The following snacks are easy to pack even on the busiest of mornings:

1. Fruits;
2. Soda crackers;
3. Smoothies;
4. Granola bars; and
5. Water.

Sebastian loves fruits, especially bananas. And I’m perfectly fine feeding into his cravings for it because they’re good for the brain. Other fruits we buy on a regular basis are thrown into the mix, such as grapes and strawberries, and occasionally blueberries.

Soda crackers are great because they don’t contain any salt and are easy to pack. Throw in some cheese and you’re out the door.

Buying fruit smoothies or choosing to make them at home is up to you. Sometimes I choose to make them myself, but it’s a lot easier to buy the Stonyfield Strawberry Smoothies that my son can just take out of the fridge and be on his way.

Granola bars are more for me, since I don’t always get a chance to sit and enjoy a meal. They’re perfect with water or a tall glass of milk, you choose 😉

And of course there’s water. If you’re looking to tame your cravings or even avoid purchasing outside meals, a bottle of water before you head out to do errands will definitely help. And if you also live in a tropical climate, then you’ll also stay hydrated.

Are there any other snacks you take with you and your little one when you’re on the go? 

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