Rocky turns 10 today and we’re planning a full day of everything he loves. 
But before all the fun, I wanted to share 5 awesome lessons I’ve learned from our fur baby:

1. Own it. 
Make the best of whatever situation is presented to you. When we first mentioned moving to Florida, everyone questioned whether it would be hard on Rocky. Those that see him at the dog park know he’s such a Floridian these days. After all, you know what they say, Florida is a great place to retire. And this pup is turning 70 — in dog years of course.

2. Lead the way. 
Don’t be afraid of taking control and guiding those who need your help. Oftentimes we forget how important it is to encourage others to take the next step. Rocky loves to take charge. He puts the puppies in their place whenever they get out of hand at the dog park. It’s cute, and their owners appreciate it. Some puppy owners won’t go to the park unless Rocky is there to protect them. 

3. Protect those you love. 
You never know how strong you are until the opportunity presents itself. I’ve always joked that if someone wanted to hurt us, Rocky would be a softy. He’s proven to me in more than one occasion that that’s not the case. He’s quick to react if someone play fights with either one of us or even lifts their hand. We’ve seen it with kids who try to bully Sebastian and other dogs who bully his dog park friends.

4. Take in all the beauty that surrounds you. 
There are so many beautiful places here in South Florida. We’ve been fortunate to be able to explore many of the local beaches and parks together as a family. As for Rocky, he’s always happy to be invited to these places. He’s quick to explore them and sits/lays down to observe. 

5. Stand by those who treat you right. 
Sometimes when your heart is pure you forget that there are people out there who aren’t as nice as you are. And to those of you dealing with similar situations I say be kind anyway. Rocky has a heart of gold. He’s caring and very forgiving, but he has this love and respect for Jeff that I’ve never witnessed before. These two understand each other, and I’m glad they do. They have a lot of similarities — including their furry face
What lessons have you learned from your pup? 

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