Since our move to Florida, people keep asking me how do I feel about the warmer climate. Most find it shocking when I say I wake up practically frozen and I still wear hoodies and sweats from time to time. 

I still feel funny waking up in the winter season not seeing snow outside. This is our second January in Florida and I almost forget that our family and friends up North are dealing with low temperatures and shorter days. But, Florida in the winter is not that different from living in NJ  during the fall/spring transition. I highlight five things that are very similar to living back up North in the following: 
1. We still wear hoodies because the morning weather is a lot cooler than the afternoon and evening.
2. You should always wear lip balm because it helps protect your lips from the cool breeze and the sun.
3. We wear lotion on our body and face for the same reasons.
4. The sun starts to go down around 4 p.m. during the winter, but does not fully set until 6 or 7.
5. You should always dress your child appropriately. Just because you are warm does not mean your child is not freezing.

So, when family and friends ask whether or not I feel as though I am living on a different planet, I tell them it feels funny because I do not have them with me. Otherwise, everything is pretty much the same. Except for the people. I feel South Florida residents are a lot nicer and more laid back than the people up North.

Have you ever moved to a different state? Share your experience in a comment below! 

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