There are truths about motherhood that aren’t being discussed. A handful of them is outlined in this post. Learn how you can overcome one of the toughest moments in your life and all the changes that come along with it.

Have you ever wondered what is so special about motherhood? There are a number of reasons why parenting isn't easy. These truths about motherhood can help ease the stress.

Life isn’t what you thought it would be when you were growing up. Happy families you’d see on sitcoms aren’t easy to come by.

Everyone has their own struggles — including moms.

No matter how strong you think you might be, there’s always something waiting to trigger your emotions. that stress you’re keeping inside is going to eventually reveal itself.

Find ways to implement mom self-care ideas into your daily routine. Doing so can help you alleviate some of the stress you’re holding inside.

With the amount of pressure from family, friends, and even strangers on social media, you can bet there will be a system overload in your brain. The number of thoughts running in your head will scare you at times.

It’s up to you to find ways to deal with the voices telling you that you’re not enough. The To-Do list will continue to pile up, and that’s normal.

Make time throughout the day to tackle at least one item on your list. It can be something as simple as making the beds.

How Motherhood Changes You

Not only does motherhood change you physically, but it makes you question a lot of the things you never thought possible. From what to wear to how to handle everyday tasks with your newborn.

Being a mom requires a lot of honesty — most importantly with yourself.

Understanding who you are and who strive to be are two people need to get to know better. This way, you’re less likely to compare yourself to others.

Remember, there’s no trophy for getting motherhood right. You learn to live your own life and do things by your own standards.

This is probably one of the hardest truths about motherhood you’ll need to swallow.

As time goes on, you’ll learn the value in your role as a mother. You’re worth taking yourself seriously and not letting society define your role.

Another way motherhood changes you is by challenging your relationships. Family and friends might not be around as often as you thought to help you with your children, and that’s okay.

Whether you’re raising a child or raising 3 kids, you know the value in having support from loved ones. As much as you wish things were different, you begin to realize that it’s up to you.

This is one of the reasons why I mention number 2 in the list of motherhood truths. (You can skip down to read what is for reference.)

Truths About Motherhood Worth Talking About

When I first came home from the hospital I thought I was going to master being a mother within a day. My mind kept picturing everything I’ve ever seen in the media and all the wonderful articles I had read about being a mother.

Regardless of what you read and as much as your family and friends tell you about being a mother, they have not prepared you for the true test: being alone with your child.

Below are five truths to motherhood people forget to tell you:

1. You never feel good enough.

Everyone is going to tell you what’s the “best” way to do this and how you “should never” do that, but you’ll know what are your baby’s wants and needs with time.

Once you figure them out you’ll feel like a pro, and technically you are a master at caring for your own child. So, keep up the good work!

2. You must learn how to manage your time.

Few people will tell you this, but if you’re a first-time mom time will feel like it’s slipping away.

I keep telling myself there are 24 hours in a day just to make sure I make enough time for everything and everyone, including myself.

3. It’s easier when they’re smaller.

If you’re having issues with a newborn, brace yourself, it only gets harder. My firstborn son is a joy, but the more independent he becomes the more I need to keep an eye on him.

When you have a newborn you carry them everywhere and they fall asleep in anyone’s arms. As your child gets older, the problems begin to grow as well.

4. Forget sleeping in.

No, seriously! Forget what it feels like to sleep in on the weekends because your number one priority is taking care of your children from “son up to son down” – daughters too! Make sure you eat nutritious meals — you will need the energy.

5. You will always love your child no matter what.

As frustrated and sleep-deprived as you may be, you will always love your child. They have this unique way of making you smile, even when you are correcting them.

Do your best not to smile while you’re explaining to them that jumping on top of the dog or pulling the poor pup’s fur isn’t how you treat a member of the family.

A Word On Mom Guilt

Nothing will ever prepare you for motherhood. For most women, the idea of mom guilt can be stressful.

Focusing on mom wins can help you work on minimizing that voice inside your head. It’s one of the hardest truths about motherhood to understand, but it can improve the way you look and feel about yourself.

If you’re not enjoying motherhood today, there’s always hope for tomorrow. You control what you do throughout the day, and can choose to do proactive activities to help cope with your emotions.

Understanding where you are now means you can work on improving for a better outcome in the future.

Although the moments with your child might feel overwhelming, it won’t always be this way. Your child will grow up before your eyes and you’ll wish you took the time to appreciate those tough moments along the way.

Take in every breath and teach yourself how to cope with stress. If you enjoy nature, then you might want to try therapeutic gardening. Other fun options you can try include 5-minute self-care ideas or seasonal ones.

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  1. Good points–all of them! #4 made me smile–my older son is 6.5 and sleeping in is still not happening for me. By the time my kids learn to sleep in I will have long forgotten how. 🙂

  2. There are times I'm in such a deep sleep that my husband has to wake me up to let me know our 1 year old is up. I'm like, "She is?"

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