Planning for the holidays can be a bit stressful, and sometimes we forget the true meaning of each one of the holidays. I mean, how can you not love all the decorations and gift baskets surrounding you this holiday season. It almost makes you think you need to get out your Christmas decorations and deck the halls with jolly!

The truth is, you don’t. 

One thing you can do to get a head start on upcoming holidays is to plan to say “thank you” to the people in your life.

Filling The Void

After spending approximately 10 days with family members, I began to miss them. Oftentimes I don’t miss people right away, but this time it was different. In my time of need — pregnant with our third child and feeling bigger than a whale — I noticed how vulnerable I could be. Most of the time, I find myself doing more than I should and throwing a lot over my shoulders, even when I honestly don’t need to.

Having this mini-vacation was just what I needed. The kids were busy playing with their cousin, and I was able to step away from the kitchen for several days. That’s always a bonus! 

After my family returned to NJ, I noticed a dark cloud over my head, and for a good five minutes, I considered moving back to North Jersey to be closer to them. Silly, I know, but I felt it in my heart that I needed that support system.

My husband joked in saying that calling them is a lot better. You know, fewer headaches from all the arguing and more time for us to just be us. I get it, but here’s the thing: I talk to them on a daily basis. I know how they’re doing, but having them near really makes a difference. Keeping my fingers crossed that one day they do decide to make the move or visit more often.

Whenever I start to feel down after spending time with family and friends, I remind myself of how much not having them around has not only helped me appreciate them more but has also allowed the bond between my husband and me to get a lot stronger. We lean on each other rather than anyone else. That’s a blessing.

Holiday Thanks

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I’ve never been as thankful that I am today. Not only for family but for the friends we’ve made along the way. This year has been a true eye-opener for us. We’ve learned the value of trust and being able to lean on one another.

From purchasing our first home together to preparing to be parents of three this April, nothing beats being able to turn to your side every night and being thankful for all the moments you’ve been able to share up until this point. This holiday season, we’re doing everything we can to make each holiday feel like a dream for our little ones. Not in material things, but in dedicating time to them and making each moment matter a little more. They deserve it.

If you’re looking for ways to say “thank you” to your loved ones this holiday season, then you can try doing any of the following:

1) Doing a house chore without being told.
2) Making (or ordering) their favorite dish.
3) Writing a heartfelt note of how much they mean to you.
4) Talking to them and letting them know how thankful you are to have them in your life.
5) Giving them some time to themselves.

As a full-time mom, I know that either one of these would really make a difference in my day — more so the last one. Who doesn’t love some time to just relax?

How do you plan to say “thank you” to your loved ones this holiday season? 

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