‘After Life’ Finds Joy In Moments Of Despair

Watching British actor Ricky Gervais mope around in his English flat as he views the final moments of his deceased wife was just what I needed from After Life. What drew me in the most was how the actor manages to find comedy in the madness. Also, the messaging in this Netflix Original Series is incredible.

Despite his battle with depression and suicide, the main character continues to move forward from his love’s death.

Losing Someone You Love

Death is never easy, but when you lose someone close, you’ll see a dim in your shine. Although others try to understand your pain, they can’t seem to make things better.

Sharing the pain with others is one way to cope, and the actor’s role does a great job in portraying this emotion throughout the show’s first season.

He becomes friends with a junkie, a sex worker and even works on improving his relationship with colleagues.

Learning To Accept Change

Knowing that you won’t see a person anymore can make you feel hurt and alone. In the show, the protagonist learns that there’s more to life than what he knows. By accepting the changes he is allowing positive influences into his life.

Throughout the first season, you notice a change in his demeanor as he runs into people who change his perception on life. Fortunately, it wasn’t too late to change his negative attitude. Depression slowly begins to fade as he welcomes more people into his life and heart.

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After Life, a Netflix Original Series,  features a husband's moments of despair and how he overcomes the pain of losing his wife.