Some places are worth the travel.

When Jeff mentioned he wanted to take a trip to the Keys the first thing that came to mind was, that is a long drive! His reasoning behind it was to see something new. I am not a fan of long trips, but I do like to prepare for them. So, knowing where we were headed days in advance was beneficial.

I mentioned in a previous post how I like to overpack and pack in advance whenever we plan a family trip. Doing so always gives me piece of mind. We had treats for the boys and breakfast sandwiches for us.  

Although the weather was perfect, there was one thing we could not predict: how much we were all going to enjoy it.

Beauty surrounded us as we drove down the highway to Anne’s Beach. We chose this beach because it allowed dogs and, from what we could tell from the Google images, it was perfect.

We laid out our blanket and enjoyed the view: white pasty sand, surrounded by a clear turquoise blue ocean. The water was cool and the breeze was smooth. We loved every second on that beach.

We had lunch at Wahoo’s Bar & Grill. The service was great and the food was filling. We sat in their outdoor patio so Rocky could join us. He loved the cool ocean breeze, but he was really hoping Sebastian would drop some of his fries. 

Yes, we brought back key lime pie, but neither one of us really liked it.

And now, it is back to reality. All these photos get me excited for our next family trip, wherever that may be. <3

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