Finding the necessary baby products can be tough. Once you're ruled out the baby registry items you won't need, then you can focus on the essentials for your little one.

Having a baby? Learn which baby products would make a great gift for your little one and the baby registry items you won’t need.

Creating the perfect list of baby items starts with thinking of the baby registry must haves. For some first-time parents, the number of products out on the market will make you feel overwhelmed.

The truth is, you don’t need most of it.

There are baby items you need and others that you can do without. If you ask other moms about the things you really need as a first-time parent, you’ll notice there’s a list of items they barely used with their child.

What Is The Point Of A Baby Registry

If you’re like me, you typically buy anything and everything you need. So, maybe creating a baby registry is pointless, right?


Yes, you could go ahead and save money to buy your own baby gear. However, it’s a lot cheaper if your family and friends pitched in to purchase the items for you.

Your loved ones are going to ask what baby items do you actually need for your newborn. Sharing a link to a list of items is much easier than explaining to them that you want a specific car seat.

Creating a registry will help you save on time and money. Not only will your family and friends know exactly what you need, but they will have an idea of the items you wouldn’t like to receive.

A car seat is often placed into a baby register list because it’s an expensive gift that does come in handy when traveling with your little one. It can be purchased by one or more people to help lessen the amount spent on the baby registry item.

For most parents-to-be, a baby registry makes it easy for them to know what they will need to buy after the family gathering. This comes in handy when you are on a budget.

Everything that was in the baby shower registry I have used at least once with my firstborn son. But, there are items I regret adding to the list.

To help you avoid these mistakes, I have put together a list of useful baby items your little one will love as he/she continues to grow.

But first, let us discuss setting up your baby registry.

What Baby Registry Is Best

If you no longer doubt that you need a baby registry, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve seen baby registries with useless baby products that can easily be replaced with everyday items, e.g. a bottle warmer. You could use glass and warm water to do the trick.

When I finally convinced myself that a registry wouldn’t only be helpful for me but also for my baby shower guests, I did some research and discussed it with some friends and co-workers to see what retailers would be best.

Yes, I decided on more than one retailer. The reason why I went with multiple baby registries for my firstborn was that certain retailers had better options and offered budget-friendly baby items.

Here are 5 tips for you to easily create a baby shower registry list that saves you time and money:

1. Choose your retailer(s)

Just because I chose to have family and friends purchase items for my firstborn’s arrival, it didn’t mean I wanted them to spend all of their money.

I chose Amazon, Babies ‘R’ Us, and Target because they had the best prices. It helped that I frequently shopped at these retailers.

If you decide on more than one registry, then I suggest doing a little price comparison to help your family and friends.
Bonus: If you decide to create a baby shower registry list through Target will give you discounts after your little one’s arrival date has passed for you to purchase left-over items on your baby registry. 

2. Load up on essential items

If you don’t know what diaper brand to use with your little one, then you might want to ask for two types of diapers on your baby registry. Be sure to include one that is for sensitive skin. This might come in handy if your child has an allergic reaction.

Here’s a list of baby items you’ll need along with products you don’t.

3. Think about quality

You want to best for your child, and sometimes that means digging a little deeper into your savings. Before you create a baby shower registry list or make the purchase, ask other parents for their opinion on the brands and/or products.

Visit the store or ask a friend who has the product at home to let you see it. This will give you a chance to decide whether it’s worth the purchase.

4. Search for the best (and worst) online reviews

Although it may feel as though you’re alone on this journey, remember there are thousands of moms who went through the same feelings. If you like a brand or product that your friends don’t necessarily know much about or don’t highly recommend, check out what other parents have to say about it.

There are online mom forums for just this. You can do a quick search of the product or ask around in local Facebook Groups for moms.

5. See if you can borrow it

Whether you’re looking to purchase brand new items or not, borrowing the products from family and friends is a great way to save. You won’t need to worry about the clutter and you can easily return the item to their owner if you don’t like it.

Baby Registry Items You Don’t Need

Starting a family can be exciting for expecting parents. It’s amazing how many products are out there that seem like great purchases. One of the things to remember while making these purchases is to think of the essentials.

Before digging into that list, I want to share a handful of products I didn’t find useful when we were first-time parents.

To help first-time parents skip on certain unnecessary items, I’ve created a list of the five baby registry items you won’t need

1. Odorless diaper pail

My husband was fortunate to have a younger brother and sister who he helped raise. Based on his experience with an odorless diaper pail, he said it was something we needed to add to our baby registry. I think I used it five times when our oldest was born.

Pro Tip: Take dirty diapers outside instead of letting it pile into one of these. It’s more hygenic for you and your family.  

2. Wipes warmer

A former co-worker said this was probably the most necessary item for babies in the wintertime. We were still living in NJ when our firstborn experienced his first snowstorm. Even when the nights hit single digits, we never felt the need to purchase a 7wipes warmer. Skip it. It’s one of the baby registry items you won’t need.

3. Bottle warmer

My father makes fun of these every time he sees them because he feels babies should drink their milk naturally, cool or in room temperature. Honestly, I never used a bottle warmer, and I think the best method is just leaving the bottle out for a couple of minutes so it takes on room temperature.

Pro Tip: If you need to warm up a bottle, simply place the bottle in a glass container filled with warm water. It works like a charm.

4. Baby food processor

For some parents, a baby food processor helps with cross-contamination, but what if you aren’t cleaning them correctly?

Personally, I’ve never used a baby food processor. I’d cook my son’s food in regular pots and pans, and occasionally I’d use the Oster Blender or Magic Bullet.

Between the two, I like the Magic Bullet best. I’ve used it for smoothies and other family favorites.

5. Newborn clothes

Your baby is going to outgrow just about everything within a month or two, and when it comes to newborn clothing, they will outgrow them within a week.

Pro Tip: Go for 0-3 months (or older). These options will last at least until your child is three to six months old. Great for budgeting.

Bonus: A changing table is something you won’t need for your child. Most people prefer using their bed or couch to change their baby’s diaper.

Baby Registry Items You Actually Need

Multi-functional baby items are always a hit. Finding the right products for your little one depends on your lifestyle. Now that you’ve set aside baby registry items you won’t need, it’s time to focus on the necessary ones.

Are you active, always on the go like us? Here are two baby essentials you can look into:

Using a baby carrier makes it easier while shopping at the grocery store or visiting family and friends.

Although I’m not a fan of strollers for multiple children, I do recommend joggers for traveling with a little one. If you’re always out with the family and enjoy traveling to the beach or going on long walks, then a jogger would be ideal for you.

One of the perks of using a jogger are the all-terrain wheels. They work well for the beach and make it easy while traveling with the family. The tri-wheel design makes it easy to turn. Bonus: You can run with it, too.

If you are looking to save space in your home and avoid expensive purchases, then look into the following products:

All three items are still used in our home today. You can read more about the Stokke foldable bathtub here and the Oribel multi-functional high chair and activity center here.

One of the reasons I recommend a foldable tub is because we have both a newborn to toddler baby tub and this foldable one, and prefer the foldable one. It’s easy to put away and durable.

I will say, that the baby tub has come in handy with collecting toys from around the house and is often used as a hamper for their clothes today.

In terms of baby bottles, it depends on your child. Our little ones barely used bottles. The ones we did use were glass baby bottles easier to clean and more durable.

When Should You Have Your Baby Registry Done

If you are planning to have a family gathering before your little one arrives, I recommend creating your registry 2-4 weeks before your event. This will give you enough time to create the invites and your guests will know what to give you.

People often decide on setting up their baby registry items after knowing the sex of their child. This way they can better plan the theme or products they’d like to have for their child.

How Does A Registry Work For A Baby Shower

Having a registry makes it easier when you’re planning an event to celebrate your little one. It allows guests and yourself to keep track of the items you’ve received or will receive.

Most baby shower registries will let your guests know how many of a product or what products have been purchased for you. This makes it easier to understand what’s left to purchase for your little one.

Can I Have A Registry Without A Baby Shower

Yes, you can have a registry without an event. Hosting a shower makes it easier for everyone to gather and celebrate the welcoming of a new family member.

Although most prefer having an event, you can always opt to have gifts for your child sent directly to your home. This makes it easier for you to have all gifts in one place and less boxes to take home after your gathering.

How Do I Find A Baby Registry

Finding someone’s baby registry is simple. You can ask the person or run a quick search on Google.

You’ll need the full names of the people and the state they live in.

These options only work for public registries. There are people who opt for private baby registries, and this requires a direct link from the person.

I hope your event is a success! If you ever have any questions about how I managed to create my own baby shower events, feel free to reach out via my email address

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    • I think the warmers are great in theory, but you won't always be able to carry a warmer to warm up your child's wipes or their bottle.

  1. When our daughter was born 26 years ago, we had an odorless diaper genie. Looking back, did we really need it? This is great for expecting parents to hone their registry ideas.

  2. I really want to try the foldable bathtub with our next baby. The traditional ones are too bulky and hard to store.

  3. Yep, I can agree to all of this! We didn’t have any of those, except a few newborn outfits that were gifted, and I didn’t miss any of it. I purposely didn’t want my boys to get used to warm wipes and warm bottles (they had them room-temp) because it was easier if we weren’t home and didn’t have those things. They weren’t used to it so they didn’t know they were missing them!

  4. Def agree on wipes warmer and bottle warmer. I had TINY babies so we had newborn clothes for almost 3 months haha

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