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The ocean breeze on your skin and salt water in your hair can be one of the most relaxing feelings in the world — even with kids. Armed with the right beach day essentials, you can enjoy moments together this summer. 

beach packing list family beach essentials
Think of beach essentials for kids that they’ll enjoy.

One of the best things about living in South Florida is having access to a variety of beautiful beaches. Visiting the beach wasn’t something I enjoyed while growing up in North Jersey. 

Since the move, I quickly learned the value of having a beach bag in the trunk. Regardless of where you are, you’ll always be ready for a family swim day. 

Having beach gear ready helps knowing family and friends have pools, and we have the community pool within walking distance from our home. 

There are a variety of things you should keep in mind when traveling with kids. For starters, what you pack in your travel gear will make a difference in how the day will go.

What To Take On A Beach Vacation With Kids

Getting excited about vacation plans with the family is one thing, but actually planning your activities is another. Simplify your summer fun activities by including trips the entire family can enjoy. 

A trip to the beach is always fun for the kids because it’s a chance to run on the sand and feel the ocean breeze. You can enjoy it as well by jumping into the water and washing away any worries you may have. 

When creating a list of beach stuff for kids, you need to start with a packing list that includes a bathing suit, water shoes, a portable and waterproof speaker, beach towels, a beach tent, beach chairs, and sunblock or sunscreen.

Bathing suits that are comfortable and stylish are always a hit. You can pick the perfect bathing suit from Amazon or head to to grab new beach gear for the family. 

Water shoes for yourself and your family are a great item to add to your beach essentials with kids. Sandals are a good option, but choosing water shoes gives you more uses and minimizes the chances of anyone tripping at the beach.

Portable and waterproof speaker for music lovers to enjoy their favorite tunes by the water. 

The right beach towels make a difference when traveling with kids. Sometimes the water is cold during the summer and you might have a child complaining about it. 

Having thick beach towels is a bonus because it helps with drying and staying warm if the moment arises. 

Grab a beach tent while you’re at it to protect you and the kids from sun rays. These are great for pups as well as it shades them from direct sunlight.

We like to use ours to protect our belongings, too. It helps keep everything organized while we head into the water. 

Making a beach essentials list for the family? Don't forget to add some shade.
Sport-Bella chairs are perfect for covering large dogs as well.

Beach chairs can be over-the-top if you don’t choose the right ones. This multi-functional chair is my family’s favorite. We’ve been using them since 2014. 

This beach chair comes with a leg rest, bottle opener, two cup holders, a built-in cooler, and has a removable UV-protectant umbrella. It’s a meaningful Mother’s Day gift and works for Father’s Day as well. 

Choosing between sunblock or sunscreen is simple. If you have sensitive skin or are susceptible to irritation, then go with sunblock. 

Sunblock contains less chemicals and is recommended for people who have skin allergies. Sunscreen is a good option if you don’t have these issues. 

One thing to keep in mind is that a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 will cover 97% of short wave ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. Anything higher than 30 will protect you a little more, but never 100%. 

Baby Beach Essentials

Traveling with a baby can be tough. Not only are you not on your daily schedule, but you’re also thinking of potential messes that can occur while you’re away. 

For instance, blowouts, a change of clothes and plenty of wipes are just a small list of things you’ll need to add to your baby beach necessities list. 

Other beach necessities for a baby includes a water diaper, a beach blanket, and a baby water bottle. 

You can shop for my favorite reusable water diapers on the Green Sprouts website. Sizes vary from 6 months to 5T. Although there are adorable prints to choose from, I like to stick to solid colors or white to help match kids’ swimsuits. 

Be sure to bring regular, everyday diapers as well. This will help with changing your little one after water play. 

A beach blanket is a great idea for little ones since it protects your area should a blowout occur. It’s easy to clean as well with a baby wipe or a hose. If you have an old blanket, you can take that with you along your trip. 

There’s an adorable baby water bottle option from Green Sprouts that grows with your little one. You can transition from a sippy cup to a straw within months (or weeks). 

There are other baby water bottles and cups to choose from that are made from plants.

Family Dog Beach Essentials Checklist 

If you’re heading out with your furry friends, then it’s important to include plenty of water bottles and shade. As temperatures rise, your pup will be looking for water and the ocean isn’t going to help. 

Below are some ways you can prepare your beach day essentials ahead of time, and include items your pup will need. 

When planning for a family beach day, you’ll need to think of ways to anticipate everyone’s needs. If your family has their favorite snacks to eat at home, then you can pack those for the ride. 

Knowing what to take on a family beach trip is important because it will help you be ready for just about anything. Aloe vera gel is a great option if you’re going to be outdoors for long. 

Using aloe vera on your skin will minimize the effects of sunburn on your skin. It can also cool off areas. 

Beach trip essentials for dogs include small water bowls, their favorite treats, shade, plenty of water, and doggy bags.

Although you might bring an umbrella or a place to lay out for you and your family, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough shade for everyone. This includes your pet as well. 

Taking your pet to the dog beach is exciting because it’s nice to get them outside for more than the usual. 

Plan ahead with beach essentials for kids and dogs
Bring a leash to the dog beach in case there are restrictions.

Small dog bowls are always a hit for the beach. A small sized bowl makes it easy when packing. 

Bringing a bag of their favorite treats is a great way to remind your pup that they are welcomed and should enjoy their time with the rest of the family. 

Shade can be found in the beach tent mentioned above. It’s big enough for large dogs and functions well for little pups, too. 

Packing plenty of water bottles is a must with dogs at the beach. You never know how long you’ll be outdoors, so planning ahead is always a plus. 

Choose biodegradable doggy bags for your trips with the pup. This not only saves the planet, but it makes it easy on you as well. 

What beach essentials do you bring with you and your family?

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  1. These are such great tips! I adore that you included what to bring if you’re taking your furry family member to the beach, too!

  2. These are all really great beach items to take on a trip! We also like to take playing cards with us, along with puzzle books (word searches, suduko,etc)

  3. I am trying to think what I bring to the beach. I have older kids … but we like to have a HUGe supply of water with us (avid water drinkers), and beyond that? I think we bring a cooler for the water, blankets and towels then our tubes or water supplies for fun.

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