If someone had asked me whether or not I enjoyed shopping at Target prior to becoming a mom, I’d politely say no. I can count on one hand the few times I went in to purchase anything. One time I went in for shoes, and another time I accompanied my mother to get a hair-dye.

But things changed when I moved in with Jeff. He made most of his purchases at a local pharmacy and would shop at Target for everyday products for his home. So when we needed new bedsheets, I automatically thought about looking at Target.

Around the time I started purchasing at Target, I was slowly getting accustomed to online shopping. Purchasing items on the Internet made life so much easier, especially since we had a baby on the way.

And it didn’t stop there.

Making Our Bed
We continued to purchase items through the eCommerce website because we were able to do some comparison shopping prior to placing our orders.

Most of our bedsheets came from Target. The Room Essentials line has a variety of options. I like the look and feel of their Jersey options. They’re extremely soft and come in different colors to help mix and match your bedsheets. One time we ordered five to accomodate my pillow obsession. Fun Fact: During my pregnancy, I would sleep with five pillows at a time.

Here is one of the Room Essentials pillow case options we picked up. Maybe you might find one that fits your bedsheets:

Because not everyone likes the Jersey look and feel, there’s the Easy Care option. These are a lot stronger and hold up well in the wash. And ironing them out is a breeze! 

…And Laying In It, Too
Our bedsheets aren’t the only part of our bed that came from Target. We had discussed changing our matress because it was too hard, but figured it was going to be too expensive when all we really needed was a little more comfort. And that’s what we went for.

We purchased a memory foam mattress topper that allowed us to not only keep the old mattress, but also minimize the body aches and pains. For approximately $100, we were able to get back our beauty sleep. It saved us cash and saved us from trying to research the best mattress for our needs.

Laying on our bed now feels like floating on the clouds. It’s so relaxing. 

As for shopping at Target, I not only make my way there at least once or twice a month, but I often find myself scoping their eCommerce website to see what’s on sale and what we else we might need to turn our house into our home.

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