Improve your daily routine by implementing reading to your kids before bed. Find out what are the best bedtime stories to read to kids.

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Reading to your child can be an exciting activity to do together. It’s a moment when you can teach them about the world.

From baby book sets to sensory books for toddlers, there are a variety of options to choose from companies like Priddy Books.

We’ve been reading to our children since they’ve been in the womb. This is the way we’ve introduced words and sounds to the kids.

Improve your daily routine by implementing reading to your kids before bed. Find out what are the best bedtime stories to read to kids.

How To Read A Baby Bedtime Story

Babies are quick to want to grab items — it’s how they learn. Touch and feel books are perfect for building a baby bookshelf.

Publications like these are great bedtime stories to read to kids because they help your child develop the necessary skills at a young age.

Whether you’re revisiting an old favorite or introducing one you’ve created on your own, it’s important to grab your child’s attention.

There are many ways to introduce books to your child. Our favorite is through pictures. Below are 7 tips to keep in mind when reading to your baby.

1. Create the environment.

Forget about the notifications on your phone, or the last episode to your favorite show. This is the time to enjoy peacefully with your baby.

2. Choose baby-friendly/ age-appropriate books.

Books that are relevant to your child’s learning stage are critical to your child’s learning. This will help them understand the different skills they will learn as they continue to grow.

3. Use the right tone.

Your child will copy your facial expressions and sounds as you continue to read to your child through the years. How you introduce reading to your child is key to how they will feel about reading in the future.

Make these bedtime stories to read to kids exciting by using funny faces and different voices for each character. Your baby will appreciate your enthusiasm.

4. Add hand movements as well.

Your hands are great to use as pointers and can help bring stories to life. You can show your baby what “up” means by moving your hands up, and even when you’d like to illustrate the motion of going down.

5. Use your body to show other movements.

I’m guilty of doing this — even with the older ones. If you’re reading a book that discusses a bumpy road, then move your body as though you’re going on a bumpy road.

BONUS TIP: Make your voice sound as if you’re on the road as well.

6. Get your baby involved.

Asking questions is always a great way to tell if your baby is paying attention. You can be silly about it too and tickle them when they don’t get it right.

7. Make a routine out of it.

The more you do something with your child, the more it becomes a habit. Adding baby learning books into your bedtime routine makes it easier for your child to discover new skills.

Best Baby Books For The First Year And Beyond

Choosing first baby books can be a challenge in the beginning. However, if you know what to look for, then you’re more likely to find the best book for your child and what bedtime stories to read to kids.

Improve your daily routine by implementing reading to your kids before bed. Find out what are the best bedtime stories to read to kids.

Priddy Books has a great selection of durable pages that make it easy to carry outside of your home and enjoy reading together elsewhere.

Titles like See, Touch, Feel stimulate curiosity through play, as it teaches your baby motor skills. Its raised textures give your child the ability to feel and make use of the finger trails. All while exploring more about the different animals.

Improve your daily routine by implementing reading to your kids before bed. Find out what are the best bedtime stories to read to kids.

Priddy Books has guides that will help you introduce the first numbers to your baby. Using First 100 Numbers, you can teach your little one numbers in a fun, easy-to-count way through bright photographs of everyday items.

Those main colors you’re hoping to teach your child can be turned into an exciting lesson with Alphaprints: Colors. With the use of items your child sees on a daily basis, this book is perfect for a baby bedtime story. It has embossed features to help your child feel through the pages.

The use of rhyming text is a great trick to help your child focus on speech and language. You can get to know different animals through Bright Baby: Touch and Feel Baby Animals by Priddy Books. It’s perfect to help your baby build their motor and vocabulary skills.

As your baby continues to grow, so will their curiosity. You’ll notice there are an array of books available to help your growing child. However, for toddlers, it’s best to keep it simple and focus on the necessary skills.

Matching and sorting items are key early learning topics your child will explore. From discovering colors, matching, and sorting items, My First
Play and Learn Farm
is a great sensory book for toddlers.

With 28 reusable play pieces, this book provides your child with plenty of play and learning and can be used to travel to a farm through your imagination with your baby.

What are your thoughts on these bedtime stories to read to kids?

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  1. These are great tips to help get parents to encourage a love of story-telling and books from a very early age. The examples you have shared here from Priddy Books look really good and the way some books have raised components just increases the interest in them. Time spend with your babies/children in this way is really special and helps sets them up for a lifetime of reading and enjoyment.

  2. I love these types of books for little ones. These are the kinds that I always got for my kids when they were younger. They are such wonderful books.

  3. Ohh I love these. Bedtime reading is one of our favorites. I love that my oldest can read and join in with us.

  4. These are great tips and I am just so happy that my kids like reading books and I think our bed time stories helps them to love the book.

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