These minimalist gifts for kids will make you think twice about the items in your shopping cart. Learn everything you need to know about selecting items that make a difference in a child’s life without the clutter. 

10 minimalist gifts for kids to enjoy

Finding simple gifts for kids to enjoy can be rewarding for parents and children alike. Presents are a great way to be thoughtful and celebrate someone in your life. 

However, too many items in your home may create clutter. 

What Can I Give My Child Instead Of Toys?

One of the headaches of family celebrations is the endless amount of toys – often noisy ones or various items that create clutter in your home. 

Regardless of how many times you’ve told family and friends about no more toys, there’s always someone who shows up with one or two in hand. 

There are various non-toy gifts that your child will appreciate. Here are the 10 best non-toy gifts for kids you can purchase for someone your love: 

  1. Memberships
    You can look into a membership to your local YMCA or to a favorite museum. Other options include memberships to other recreational activities for the kids. 
  2. Discount options
    Coupons and special offers from your favorite retailers are a great inexpensive gift for your loved ones. This gives you the option to give someone a discount to purchase an item or service that they can use. 
  3. Books
    Giving your child a book or a series of books can be a great way to expand their imagination and knowledge of things. You can always donate the books to a library or pass it on to a friend after it’s been read. 
  4. Restaurant experiences
    Gift cards to certain restaurants can be rewarding because it makes it easier for a loved one to try a favorite place or explore a new dining experience. 
  5. Recipe with ingredients
    A basket of goodies can be a wonderful surprise. Throwing together ingredients for a delicious recipe to try is a fun way to entertain an aspiring chef. 
  6. Family activities
    Getting out can be an exciting gift for someone you love. Investing in family time is a great option to this list of best minimalist gifts for kids to enjoy.
  7. Craft supplies
    Arts and crafts supplies are good for little artists to create masterpieces. Its multipurpose can be used for various activities. This helps bring out a child’s imagination as well. 
  8. Event tickets
    Whether you’re planning to catch a movie together or visit a local event, it’s a great idea to snag tickets beforehand to surprise your child. This can be a great option to get out more together. 
  9. Treats
    There’s one thing that kids enjoy the most, and it’s thoughtful gifts. Something as simple as a favorite treat can be a great option to put a smile on your loved one’s face. 
  10. Storage options
    To help minimize the clutter of any space, there needs to be a place for your things. One of the best minimalist gifts for kids is offering them storage for the things they love.
best minimalist gifts for kids to enjoy with the family

What Can I Get A Toddler Who Doesn’t Like Toys?  

It’s interesting to run into a child who could care less for toys. This can be a blessing since that means there’s less to worry about when cleaning up your living area. 

Aside from creating experiences for a child, you can also make memories together. This doesn’t always require you to spend a dime. In fact, memories with those you love can be quite inexpensive. 

Whether you’re going to an event together or creating one on your own, it’s all about spending those moments together.

The best playtime a child will ever experience is those moments they spend with you – getting creative with whatever is available to them and using their imagination. 

If you’re wondering what to buy a toddler besides toys, then you might want to focus on the essentials. Toddlers love testing things, especially your patience. 

Anything that is messy, squishy, and color-changing is always a great option. You can create these kinds of activities with items you already have at home. 

If you’re looking for messy items, then get out the paint or create mud with water and dirt. You can even choose to get in the kitchen and create play dough using simple ingredients: flour, oil, salt, and water. 

Simple Gifts For A Child Who Has Everything

Finding the right gift for any child depends on their personality. Some kids love single-use items while others enjoy collecting sets. 

When shopping for kids, it’s important to focus on their personality as well as their needs. If your child likes going on adventures, then you might want to focus on a family trip that’s filled with fun mom ideas you can do together. 

Other ways you can give a gift to someone you love who seems to have it all is by letting them give to those who don’t. Simply choosing a gift for someone who is less fortunate or offering your service to a shelter can be a wonderful, humbling experience. 

Another option can be creating a garden together. This can turn into a community garden for your town or a feeding shelter. It’s a great excuse to get dirty, too. 

A collection of memories is another way to offer a loved one a moment of your time. Photographs are a great way to bring back moments in life that bring back joy, and sometimes sadness as well. 

Storage is another option for a kid who seems to have it all. Not only will they have a place to store their things, but they’ll be able to organize their space as well. 

Signing someone up for a class is a nice way to offer them an experience of a lifetime. It can be anything from a cooking class to a self-defense class.

Final Thoughts On The Best Minimalist Gifts For Kids

The most important thing to remember when gifting a loved one during a special occasion is this: kids don’t need more things, they just need more time with you. 

Regardless of age – even teens – your child just needs to feel loved. Sitting with them and listening to whatever they have to say can be rewarding on both ends. 

Less is more with kids, just knowing that you can lend them an ear any time they need a moment with you is always key. 

Focus on how you can make each time a joyful experience. You can do so by changing the scenery and offering their input on how they’d like to spend the time together. 

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  1. My boys are both getting new books and storage options for Christmas! They are also getting the things they need to have their desks set up (new chairs) and the only toys we got add on to others such as lego sets and hot wheels tracks.

  2. I love the idea of gifting experiences or trips vs. actual items. The memories last forever and don’t clutter the home.

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