Planning to make more time for your skincare ritual starts in the bathroom. When you focus on creating a shower routine that helps improve your skin, you'll feel the difference throughout the day.

Planning to make more time for your skincare ritual starts in the bathroom. When you focus on creating a shower routine that helps improve your skin, you’ll feel the difference throughout the day.

Planning to make more time for your skincare ritual starts in the bathroom. When you focus on creating a shower routine that helps improve your skin, you'll feel the difference throughout the day.

Trying to juggle multiple things at home has been challenging the past several months. One thing I’ve found that helps me focus on the essentials is placing an emphasis on a daily routine.

While some new moms might struggle with making time for a daily wash, I noticed a change in my attitude since I started bathing more often. I went from bathing once a day to twice and my early morning ritual has made a difference in how I function throughout the week.

Once you understand what it means to make more time for yourself, that’s when you’ll be able to apply more everyday self care routines. It’s worth it for your own sanity as well.

Although a shower routine alone isn’t the key to happiness, it does feel good to take moments to care for yourself. I remember when I didn’t have a self care ritual and how exhausted I felt every day.

Not only was I unhappy, but I was stressed and took my frustrations out on my family. I knew I wanted more for myself and them.

That’s when I sat down and began asking myself the necessary questions, such as what did I think would help me feel better and how to start making time for that and more.

What Is A Good Shower Routine

Bathing yourself starts with having the right products for your type of skin. Sensitive skin requires hypoallergenic items that won’t harm your skin.

For dry skin, your body care is different. You’ll want to focus on moisturizing products and adding more oils.

There are a variety of options available online today, including insights from Teen Vogue on how to get the most out of bathing yourself.

Below are simple ways you can work on a bathing ritual that works for you without cutting too much time from your day.

You’ll want to think about your before and after shower routine to help alleviate whatever emotions you’re feeling at that moment. Here are a handful of basic things to do when you step into the bathroom.

Dry brush your skin

A quick dry brush can help remove dead skin and impurities as well. Go with a natural bristle brush and gently do 2-3 brush strokes per area on your skin.

Apply a face mask

You can always create a facial mask at home using natural ingredients. I love this post from Elle that highlights 9 homemade mask options for you to try.

Wash your hands thoroughly

Your hands touch several objects throughout the day. Before bathing, it’s best to wash your hands first. This will help avoid transmitting any germs on your hands to other parts of your body.

Brush your hair before getting it wet

Brushing out your hair before you step foot in the shower makes it easier to detangle when you’re ready to style it. This also allows the products you use on your hair to penetrate through each strand.

Invest in a multi-functional hair care products

Not does multi-use products help with budgeting yourself, but it saves you time as well. Focusing on a hair conditioner that is also a leave-in product helps maintain the moisture in your hair throughout the day.

Use a scented body scrub

There’s something about a scented body scrub that sets the mood. It’s kind of like aromatherapy in your bathroom. Use the body scrub to help soften and polish your skin.

Use conditioner to shave

Your skin requires a certain amount of care, and moisturizing often helps. When you opt to shave with conditioner, you’re also moisturizing those body parts as well.

There are benefits to adding a cold shower into your morning routine. Adding cooler water to your shower routine can help boost your immune system.
There are benefits to adding a cold shower into your morning routine.

Cold Shower Benefits

Although most skincare regimens include the use of lukewarm water, it’s not to say there aren’t benefits to having a cold shower. Aside from being unpleasant at first, cold showers have been known to help boost your immune system.

Placing your feet in cold water has been noted to help with your ability to breath when you’re congested. Cold showers can also help with improving your mood.

By using cold water in your shower, you are creating more alertness, oxygen intake, and increasing your heart rate.

I’ve been using cold morning showers to help with waking me up and boosting my mood. It’s been a great wat to shock my mind and get it working.

This is why most of the best ideas come to you in the shower. Not only are you waking up your body, but you’re also making time for yourself.

Other reasons why you may want to consider a cold shower in the morning:

  • calms itchy skin;
  • adds shine to your hair;
  • creates glowy skin; and
  • said to boost weight loss.

How Long Should A Shower Take

Spending time in the bathroom is one of my alone times throughout the day. When I plan to hop in the shower, I announce it to my family.

This is the time I have to relax and let go of any stress I’ve been feeling during the day. It’s also a way to get time to myself, and focus on the essentials.

According to dermatologist Edidiong Kaminska, MD, a shower should only take 5 to 10 minutes. It all depends on your skin type.

For those who have sensitive skin or skin conditions, it’s best to shorten the time you spend in the shower. This will prevent agitating or drying out the natural oils from your skin.

What Order Should Your Shower

Whether you decide on a shower routine or not, it’s important to focus on a certain order each time you shower. This will help you get the most out of the time your spend in the shower.

A Bustle post breaks down the steps to bathing. Here’s what is suggested:

  1. Exfoliate;
  2. Wash and condition your hair;
  3. Shave; and
  4. Rinse your hair and wash your body

Washing your body last will help prevent acne as it will remove the residue from other products you’ve used in the shower. It’s best to apply a moisturizer afterwards to help your body retain the smooth feel.

If you’re not a fan of shaving often, then I recommend the following Completely Bare products:

I first discovered Completely Bare from a mom FB group that discussed shaving. I had asked about shaving bumps — something I’ve always had in my bikini area since I started shaving that are as a teen (I know, gross!)

It wasn’t until I researched the brand, customer’s rating and reviews, and actually tried it that I began to understand why women swear by these items as part of their shower routine products.

Although I don’t use the Bikini Bump Blaster Pads often, I do use them after shaving the area and the following day. I have sensitive skin and I try not to irritate the area.

How you handle your after shower routine body care is important. Using unscented products helps.
How you handle your after shower routine body care is important.

Skincare Routine After Shower

Moisturizing after a shower can make a difference in your skin, especially if you have dry skin. This will help keep in the moisture from your shower.

It’s been noted that the best option is to moisturize your body while your body is still damp from the shower. You can also add body oil after moisturizing to help seal in that moisture on your skin.

Baby oil or coconut oil can do the trick. There are options that don’t have a scent and won’t interfere with other products you’ve applied or intend to apply on your skin.

Foods That Make Skin Glow

Aside from a shower routine, there’s more to making your skin glow. Although you can naturally get glowing skin by working out or dancing simply by sweating, there are healthy foods you should add into your daily meals.

Aside from a glorified skin care routine for dry skin, you’ll want to focus on the foods that help maintain the hydration.

Drinking more water helps improve your skin, and the more foods you digest that contains it, they better off you’ll be.

Foods that contain water more than 80% of water are:

  • Strawberries;
  • Oranges;
  • Iceberg lettuce;
  • Apples;
  • Grapefruit;
  • Tomato;
  • Watermelon;
  • Cucumber;
  • Spinach;
  • Celery;
  • Cantaloupe;
  • Peaches;
  • Soups;
  • Zucchini;
  • Plain yogurt;
  • Bell peppers;
  • Cauliflower;
  • Cabbage; and
  • Coconut water
Secrets to glowy skin include what you eat and how you make use of a shower routine. It's all about focusing on the right ingredients.
Secrets to glowy skin include what you eat and how you make use of a shower routine.

What Causes Glowy Skin

There are a variety of factors that come into play when you’re looking to get a natural glow on your skin. Although shower routine tips can help, there’s more to take into consideration.

You’ll need to avoid using skincare products that contain alcohol and fragrance. Wearing gloves when you wash dishes is a bonus because it prevents drying your hands.

Glowy skin secrets with home remedies are perfect to add to your daily routine because it’s using things you already have available to you. Such ingredients include honey, olive oil, lemon, oats, and banana.


Using honey on your skin helps open your pores and assists in clearing the dirt. This ingredient has antibacterial properties that help with the treatment and prevention of acne.

A combination of milk and honey will make your skin glow. If you’re looking for a honey mask option for bed, then I recommend using a moisturizer mixed with honey to avoid getting the honey on your bed sheets or pillow.

Olive Oil

Although olive oil is considered too thick for the face, you can mix olive oil with lemon juice to minimize the texture of the oil. There are advantages to using olive oil on your skin, such as a make-up remover and moisturizer.

Olive oil contains essential fatty acids that improve the elasticity of your skin. This assists with creating smooth, glowy skin.


Lemon is a great ingredient for the skin because it helps with removing skin blemishes and polishes the skin by removed dead skin cells. This is what gives your skin that clean and glowing look to it.

Using lemon juice on your skin also helps with discoloration of the skin. This is perfect when you have skin patches from improper use of sunscreen.

To have clear, glowy skin, there are a variety of ways you can combine lemon juice with other ingredients. For instance, lemon and coconut water when combined make the best homemade moisturizer and give you radiant skin.


Adding oats to your skincare routine helps improve the look and feel of your skin because it softens and polishes. Using oats on your face removes excess oils and prevents acne on your skin.

Here are some options to improve your skin using oats:

Cooked oatmeal, plain yogurt, and honey are the perfect homemade skincare mixture for oily/combination skin.

For oily skin, combine cooked oatmeal, an egg, spoonful of lemon juice, and mashed apple (applesauce).

If you need an option for dry skin, then I recommend mixing oatmeal, lemon juice, and honey.

For best results, these homemade skincare remedies should be applied for no more than 10 minutes, and removed with warm water.


Banana is great for sensitive skin because of its antibacterial properties. It helps your skin heal from acne and blemishes as well.

To prevent wrinkles, it’s recommended that you apply a banana peel to your face. The use of the banana peel has been found to help treat psoriasis and prevent itching in the area.

Bananas contain vitamin A, which restores moisture and repairs dry skin. Applying mashed bananas on your face every couple of days can help reduce the appearance of age spots and acne scars.

To help tighten your skin overnight, you can rub a banana peel over your face and forehead before bed. It can be left overnight and removed with warm water the following day.

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Final Thoughts

There many ways you can create a shower routine that works for you. Whether decide on one that helps you get in the morning or makes it easy for you to wind down at night, it’s important that you find a good routine that helps with your type of skin.

With the right products, you can get the most out of the recommended 10-minute showers and your time in the bathroom. Remember to focus on ingredients you already have at home to save you time and money.

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