These easy big boy room decorating ideas will transition your child’s toddler bedroom into a space they will enjoy for years to come. 

Try these big boy room decorating ideas to help improve the look and feel of your child's bedroom.

Finding the best sleeping option for your son can be an interesting project. Whether you’re looking for boy room ideas in small spaces or wall decor, there are a variety of options for you to try.

From storage ideas to a color scheme, there are a handful of ways you can improve the look and feel of your child’s room. 

Paint is a great way to transition any space. However, wallpaper designs can bring out a different style to the room. 

You can create a cityscape with wallpaper and bring the nightlife into the creative space with neon lights and stars throughout. This is perfect for those who love superheroes and cars. 

Although wallpaper and paint can be a nice touch, you might want to try simply changing the room decor. This is an inexpensive (and less time-consuming) option to breathe life into your child’s space. 

Big boy room decorating ideas that can liven up the area include: 

  • Pillows;
  • Window curtains;
  • Rugs;
  • Storage bins;
  • Laundry hamper; 
  • Bedding; and 
  • Wall art

Boy Bedroom Ideas In Pictures 

You can search online for cute rooms for boys or boys’ room ideas that spark your interest. One of the things you’ll need to keep in mind is your child’s age group. 

Toddlers have a variety of options. However, your child won’t stay a toddler forever. Think of ways you can bring out their personality with simple touches that transition well. 

One of the first things you’ll want to upgrade is the bed. If it’s something you can budget, then you can go with a loft bed.

Boys room paint ideas that are sure to inspire you to rework your kid's bedroom.

Loft beds are a great space-saver when you don’t have much to work with or would like to minimize the objects in the room. 

If you’ve decided to paint the walls, then you might want to choose a color that will match the look and feel of the room. 

A combination of strong and bright colors works well for a big boy room decorating ideas. Bright and muted shade combos also look great together. 

Simple colors that can make the room stand out are:

  • Blue and gray; 
  • Black and white;
  • Navy and apple green; and 
  • Aqua and tangerine
Big boy room ideas your kids will love. These simple and cheap bedroom ideas are perfect for a quick room makeover.

If your child likes a certain character or type of animal, you can always work off of the color scheme of their favorites. These are often classic colors that are easy on the eyes. 

Examples include Batman’s classic color scheme black, blue, and hints of yellow. This is a great option for a city life look as well since the yellow can be night lights. 

Adding new light fixtures can get expensive. You can opt for tap lights to help brighten the room. This is perfect for bookshelves and above the bed frame as well. Tap lights are also a nice touch for the closet. 

Final Thoughts On Big Boy Room Decorating Ideas

It’s your choice on how you’d like to organize your child’s room. After all, you know them best. 

Whether you’re planning to decorate a space for a 7-year-old boy or an 18-year-old, you’ll need to consider their needs as well as their likes. 

Consult with your child before doing anything to their room in case they have any input as to how they’d like the room to look. 

Another way you can include your child is by asking them to create two piles: one for things they’d like to keep and another for items they’d like to get rid of. 

You can even create a third pile for pieces that can be donated to local shelters. 

Having your child involved in the process makes it easier for them to feel included and they’ll know where things are after you’ve completed the project. 

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Big boy room decor options that are inexpensive and help keep your space organized.

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