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As the weather begins to rise, we’re thinking of ways to get the kids outdoors. Although it’s been tough with my pregnancy, we’ve been doing our best to explore local areas, like the playground in our community and our backyard.

The boys love to play in the dirt and make the most out of their time outdoors. To make their playtime a success, we like to have them wear comfortable clothing items. T-shirts and shorts are their go-to wardrobe when my husband’s home. It often signifies a fun-filled day for them. That, and break time for this mama. It’s a win-win.

How To Tame Spring Madness
Spring is near and it’s the season we will be welcoming our little girl into this world. For us, this means planning ahead as we prepare to be parents of three under five. I know, it sounds a lot scarier than it is. Fortunately, my father will be around to help care for our boys while we’re in the delivery room and during the months that follow.

After being indoors for most of the winter due to my pregnancy, we’re excited to get back to exploring local attractions. Below are three ways we’re planning to #BringTheFun this spring:

1) Individual dates with the kids.
My husband and I have decided that not only do we need time with each other, but our kids need our undivided attention as well. It’s been helpful in helping our boys understand that we love them and appreciate the things like they to do — like walking around a toy store with our two-year-old or going on a lunch date with our four-year-old. It’s the simple things that make them smile, so we’re trying to give them the time to do so.

2) Family walks throughout our community.
It’s not easy to travel with two kids and two pups, but a walk around the community can really help relieve some pressure on my lower back and gives us the fresh air we crave. That, and it lets the pups know we’re still willing to include them on our adventures (even if it’s just around the block).

3) Connecting with family and friends.
Since purchasing our first home, we’ve been fortunate to have family and friends nearby who genuinely care about us. It’s been a lifesaver during this pregnancy and we try to do our best to connect with them as often as possible. Having them minutes away will also help during our transition.

If you’re looking to add some new threads for your little one this spring, head over to the OshKosh website or locate a store nearby and take advantage of the current sales. You can use the following COUPON CODE: In-store: 037686 or Online: OKBG3434

How will you #BringTheFun this spring? 

20 responses to “How To #BringTheFun With OshKosh B’gosh This Spring”

  1. I love OshKosh! When my boys were little, that is pretty much all I bought for them! They always had the cutest stuff.

  2. This is just cuteness overload – so adorable! My kids wore OshKosh when they were little and their clothing is always cute and made so well.

  3. Now this is one brand I really enjoy purchasing from, their clothes are wonderful. Always have such cute stuff for both boys and girls.

  4. Oshkosh was probably one of my favorite brands. When my kid was younger I would say about half the clothes I had were all from here. They have such cute ideas.

  5. Osh Kosh has some super cute kids clothes, that also hold up really well. I miss that I can’t buy their clothing any more, since my girls have long outgrown it.

  6. I loved Oshkosh when my son was little. Now that he’s 15, he is so particular in what he wears.

  7. When my son was little (hes now 31), I loved shopping at the outlets for this. He had so many cute things, including overalls. I remember a pair that looked paint splattered and a green striped. How I miss that.

  8. I’m ready for Spring, so my girls can enjoy more time outside. The snow is slowly melting. We still need winter coats, hats, etc. We love to take all three of your girls on special dates as well. We’ll have fun will all of them at once and we’ll also give them so one on one time. They really need that special attention. Excited to see your baby girl!

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