This weekend was probably one of the toughest I’ve ever experienced since becoming a mother.
One Sick, Fussy Toddler
Our little guy has had a runny nose since the first week of school. And for about a week, he’s been coughing up a lung. When we realized he wasn’t getting any better and got a fever Saturday night — along with several throw up sessions and diarrhea — we knew it was time to head over to the doctor’s. 
Thankfully, we had recently switched to a doctor’s office that is available on the weekends. So this was a blessing for our little guy, and gave Jeff and I a sigh of relief. 
So what was wrong with our little guy?
Turns out he has a sinus infection. The diarrhea is definitely something he ate — maybe all the dairy he’s been having lately. 
When I heard the doctor say sinus infection I was confused. Who knew a toddler could develop such thing. The doctor assured us it was something he picked up from school. 
We were given a prescription for antibiotics. It’s one of those oral liquid ones you have to use one of those tubes to shoot down your child’s mouth. The bad news is, our little guy not only hates medicine but he associates those tubes with medicine. He knows it’s never a good thing when those come out. 
We’ve been doing our best to make the little guy feel comfortable whenever we have to give him his medicine. 
One Tired, Pregnant Mom
Before we left the doctor’s office, we took advantage and set up our son’s upcoming well-visit. 
Behind us was a mom who said she was in the same situation: pregnant and caring for a sick toddler. The downside was she’s 39 1/2 weeks and caught whatever her toddler has. I told her I went through that throughout my first pregnancy. I had welcomed every trimester with a cold, even the day I went into labor. Fun, right? 

This time around I’m exhausted. Everything makes me sleepy. I often have to call my dad on my way to pick up the little guy from school because I’m falling asleep at the wheel. Thankfully, I won’t be driving after this week. Jeff will be taking over driving duties and my father will be here in November to help out as well. 
Although this weekend was quite an adventure for us, I can’t help but smile knowing I got a lot of cuddled time and naps with our nugget. 
I guess there’s always something good hidden in the negatives. 

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