Raising two boys sounds like I hit the jackpot. Most people would consider me the queen of the household because even our pup is male.

But that’s far from the truth.

In our home, we don’t treat anyone of our members as royalty. The truth is, we just treat each other with respect.  No one gets more privileges over the other. It’s all about working as a team.

I will admit that there are times I ask our firstborn to watch over our little one, but not for more than two minutes. After all, he’s still learning himself.

Being Patient
Caring for two little ones requires a lot of patience. Since eliminating naps from our three-year-old son’s day, we’ve had to learn how to juggle their different schedules.

With one sleeping in the afternoon and the other playing, it can make things difficult to get things done. I always ask my parents how they were able to raise four without losing it.

On most days, the boys are fun to be around. Then there are moments I have to separate the two because well, they’re siblings. They’re going to drive each other nuts.

Oh, and we can’t forget driving their mom insane as well. I think it’s their favorite game to play when they know I’m trying to get things done.
Keeping Them Busy
One of the ways we keep our firstborn busy while his baby brother naps is through arts and crafts. Sebastian loves drawing with chalk, painting things, playing with his toy cars — pretty much anything that includes a mess.
Although seeing the amount of mess that these two create can get overwhelming, it’s worth it once they go down for bedtime.

I will admit that these days house chores are the last thing on my mind. A successful day means the kids were bathed, fed and shown lots of love. Getting the house chores done won’t bring the kids the same satisfaction as getting my full attention.

My house will never be perfect, but my kids will always know that I love them.


18 responses to “Caring For Two”

  1. I’m a mom myself and I can relate. It’s so nice to have other older sibling to look after the younger ones. You shared a beautiful photos of their closed bonds. This is so precious! Embrace this special moment 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful post. I wish people would live by these principles and show family, friends, and strangers with kindness and respect. Such a wonderful post!

  3. Thats funny when I think of two boys I think of a busy house!
    And your right your house may never be perfect but its way more important that they know you love them.

  4. I have two girls and about to give birth to my first son. I am super excited. This post is one of a kind tho. I am sure they see you as the queen 😉

  5. I enjoyed reading this. It so true a house may not be perfect but your boys are taken care which is the most important,

  6. It’s not easy raising two kids! I should know, I have twins. I’ve heard that boys have more energy in them though. I’m glad that you’re enjoying all of this, motherhood can be tough but it’s worth it.

  7. Being a mother is hard. Especially when you are raising a toddler and a baby. I have 3 kids but they are older now… It is hard when they are young but it gets harder when they become teenagers.

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