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  • Study Finds Women Should Eat During Labor

    The following post has been scheduled in advance. We are currently awaiting the arrival of our second child and details in this post may or may not be relevant at this time.  Forget about chewing on ice cubes to keep yourself going during contractions. Contrary to what most medical officials have stated in the past, a recent Canadian study has found that women who are in labor actually benefit from eating a meal.   By avoiding meals during labor, women are less likely to aspirate, or inhale liquid or food into their lungs, possibly causing pneumonia.  Today, advances in anesthesia care means

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  • What Death And Sickness Has Taught Me About Living

    Losing someone you love is tough, and when it happens unexpectedly, it hurts even more.  Over the years, I have met people who have inspired me to live. From family to friends and even those who I’ve crossed paths, each have left an imprint in my life.  Getting The News  When I received the news that my uncle had been diagnosed with lung cancer, I thought about how much it would dampen his spirits.  As a happy-go-lucky guy, I’ve watched my uncle receive bad news after bad news. First, he went through surgery for a brain aneurysm. Then, he found

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  • Baby Registry Items You Don’t Need And Why You Should Create One

    Baby Registry Items You Don’t Need And Why You Should Create One

    Finding the necessary baby products can be tough. Once you’re ruled out the baby registry items you won’t need, then you can focus on the essentials for your little one.

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  • Second Trimester Must-Haves For The Registry

    Second Trimester Must-Haves For The Registry

    This post is part of the Giving Birth series and highlights everyday changes expecting moms will see in the second trimester. You can stop by the first installment of this series to read more on what to expect in your first trimester.

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