• 3 Home Decor Trends I Love

    3 Home Decor Trends I Love

    Jeff and I have been obsessed with home improvement shows. From HGTV to the DIY Network, there isn’t a single show we haven’t checked out. And yes, anything designed by Joanna Gaines is gold! We love watching these home improvement shows because they inspire us to turn our house into our home. There are a…

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  • 3 Ways I Embrace The (Mom) Geek In Me

    If someone told me five years ago that I’d be driving a minivan, I wouldn’t have thought they were crazy. Honestly, I learned how to drive in my parents’ minivan and it was the most comfortable vehicle we had growing up. But that’s not the only thing I love about being a mom. In fact,…

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  • How Planning Ahead Makes Me A Better Parent

    How Planning Ahead Makes Me A Better Parent

    Family and friends think I’m crazy for packing a month in advance or even stocking up on soap and towels. I like being prepared for just about anything, so it shouldn’t shock anyone that I don’t like surprises. My parents will be here in less than a week, and you can imagine how much in advance…

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  • How Living Landscapes Help Improve Our Lives

    How Living Landscapes Help Improve Our Lives

    Did you know that living in a greener environment can really improve your mental health? There have been studies on this and after spending quite some time in South Florida, I believe it. I recently chatted with a representative from The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) to discuss how important it is to maintain your…

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  • Summer Travel

    Summer Travel

    Living in South Florida means we reside in a place where most people come to vacation. Although not every day feels like a vacation, it’s nice to know we have a variety of options nearby on Jeff’s days off from work. We love having family over during the summer because we get to plan a…

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