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  • Exploring South Florida: Young At Art Museum

    Sometimes things happen and you just have to make the best out it.  That was the case when we decided a trip to a local museum with my father-in-law and his grandkids would be the perfect remedy to mend a broken heart. After losing his best friend, my father-in-law was faced with the last-minute decision to take a flight from North Jersey to South Florida. It was an expensive trip that was well-worth it in the end. As he prepared to say goodbye to his best friend, my father-in-law had a lot on his mind. He stayed with Jeff and

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  • Best Airlines To Fly This Summer

    July is probably one of the trickiest months to fly anywhere. If you don’t book your flight in advance, then you’ll end up paying a lot in fees. I know because my parents are making their way to South Florida next month and it wasn’t cheap. And every year it gets even more expensive.  This year will be the third time they come to visit us and we’re excited about everything we have planned for them. Not only are we celebrating our toddler’s third birthday, but my parents also celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Although they won’t be here on

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  • Becoming A Target Mom

    If someone had asked me whether or not I enjoyed shopping at Target prior to becoming a mom, I’d politely say no. I can count on one hand the few times I went in to purchase anything. One time I went in for shoes, and another time I accompanied my mother to get a hair-dye. But things changed when I moved in with Jeff. He made most of his purchases at a local pharmacy and would shop at Target for everyday products for his home. So when we needed new bedsheets, I automatically thought about looking at Target. Around the

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  • Raising Little Men

    Understanding the importance of having respect for others as well as yourself is key to successful relationships in life. And because of this, Jeff and I were given the responsibility to raise our boys into men. With so much going on in the world today, it’s easy to feel as though the world is slowly failing our children. But it’s not the world. It’s us, the parents of these children. There’s not a single headline on the news that isn’t aimed at showing us how terrible the world is. But please don’t forget why most of these stories are everywhere

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  • More Us Time

    The summer is a special season for Jeff and I. Not only are we celebrating birthdays, but we’re also celebrating our very first days together. And we can’t seem to understand how quickly time has flown. It’s been almost four years since the day we met. Whenever Jeff plays Kenny Roger’s “Through The Years”, we laugh at the time we’d replace “years” with “months” to make it fit our life together. But with Jeff’s crazy schedule and everything that kept piling on me because of the little time he had to spend with the boys and I, “us” time was

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