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  • Chewy Treats

    Buying in bulk is one of my favorite things to do. My parents did it when I was a child, and I can’t really imagine life without huge cases of toilet paper or getting a good deal on quality items. And that’s what you pretty much get with Chewy, except you buy doggy bags instead of toilet paper.  It all started when Jeff was looking for probiotics to add to our pup’s meals. He had heard of the benefits probiotics had on dogs and how important it was for our pup’s health. When we adopted Rocky, he weighed less than

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  • Save Cash With The South Florida Adventure Pass

    Save Cash With The South Florida Adventure Pass

    I received four complimentary South Florida Adventure Passes this month in exchange for my thoughts. I hope you get a chance to explore this money-saving option as well.  Family time is very important to us, but it’s been quite limited these days. My husband has been working long hours because his department is short-staffed.  Any day that we get to spend together is always a good one.  And this summer, things are about to get very interesting.  Yesterday, we stopped by Jungle Island to pick up our South Florida Adventure Passes, and explore the place.  Having these passes means we get unlimited access

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  • The Problem With Moms

    Making time for everyone else is all fine and dandy if you actually set aside time for yourself.  But that’s the problem with moms. They rarely ever do.  Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and all I really wanted was to sleep in all day and let Jeff handle the kids.  That didn’t happen, and part of me knew that doing so would be a lot more rare than a unicorn.  Finding A Happy Medium  Most days are all about my family, and by the time I get five minutes to myself, it’s just to close my eyes long enough to hear

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  • The Pain Of Childbirth Recovery

    Having experienced both a c-section and a VBAC, I can tell you that labor is not only exhausting but also very painful. The two childbirth experiences have been life-changing.  An emergency c-section was the last thing on my mind when I found out I was pregnant. I cried knowing that I couldn’t push my son out into the world, but I never knew I’d be able to do it the second time around.  Recovering From It All The healing process was a lot smoother with natural birth. Although I did tear during all the pushing, and did need to heal

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  • Family Togetherness

    We may not have Saturdays to spend as a family like most people do, but we have our days.  Originally celebrated on Thursdays, our days have become Tuesdays. These are days when we get to spend time together as a family, doing whatever our hearts desire. We used to spend our days at our favorite dog beach, but with our toddler in school, it’s a little tough to head out to the beach on the weekdays.  Today, we visit local parks after our toddler gets out of preschool. We’ll pack something light to eat as we lay out on the grass

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