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  • Making The Most Out Of 'Unwanted' Bread

    Me, cooking in the kitchen? Yup, and so can you! Stop making excuses as to why you don’t know how to cook but would like to learn. There are several recipes online, and your family’s traditional ones as well. So, get in the kitchen and try something new!There are two slices — sometimes four – from your loaf of bread that you and/or your loved ones refuse to eat. You do not have to throw it out. There is a very special dish I like to make with it. It is called chicken parmigiana.What you need:Whole wheat bread slices (8-10)Chicken breast (2-4)Cheese graterFork/whiskEggs

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  • Why I Chose A Jogger Instead

    Disclosure: This post features affiliate links.Finding out I was going to be a mom was not the easiest news to swallow. Although it was a shock, I felt blessed. When you have family and friends close enough to understand the experience of having a child without ever going through it, this can be very rewarding. Aside from the obvious ask questions and learn about their parenting styles, you can better understand their trial and errors when it comes to products. And this is so important for me.  I did not know anyone who chose a jogger over a regular stroller. What I did

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  • My Son's First Trim

    We recently decided to trim Sebastian’s hair for the first time. It was just to give him a clean look. Although it only took less than five minutes to trim his hair, it made me little sentimental. Sebastian was busy watching his TV show when Jeff and I decided it was time to trim his little curls. This photo was taken right after his trim. He looks like a little man. <3 The good news is, regardless of the mess(es) he makes, his hair still looks perfect.I hope you are having a wonderful week. Also, don’t forget about the $205 Target Giftcard giveaway

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  • So What If I Still Breastfeed My Son

    My son turned one this summer, and explaining to people that yes, he is still nursing seems to be an invitation for others to share their thoughts on why I should stop. Anyone else a bit annoyed with this?  People have mixed reviews about everything moms do. For some reason people think it is their duty to tell me that my son needs to stop breastfeeding because he is one. Personally, it is my son’s decision whether or not he is ready to stop nursing. I have met mothers who waited for their children to naturally wean themselves, and I

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  • Using Google Analytics With WordPress

    For months I had searched for ways to connect my Google Analytics account to my WordPress site. Every page I checked said it could not be done. In August 2014, someone figured it out, and I am so thankful for Web-Designer Arsenal’s steps. For those of you looking for more information about page views and visitors, I suggest you look into implementing Google Analytics.First, you must have a domain purchased from These are inexpensive and you can secure your information all for less than $30 a year. Second, you will need to create a CloudFare account. There is a free option.

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