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  • Words Can Really Hurt You

    Some people don’t realize how much their actions can impact someone else. It’s even worse when they aren’t careful with how they use their words.  After finding out I was pregnant, I told my mom. She thought it was a joke. I cried. She yelled. I cried some more.  It was a mess of emotions.  I didn’t know what to do. And forget having to tell my dad! This was something my mom made me do. She didn’t want any part of it. Or so she said.  The minute I told my father his reaction was similar to my mother’s.

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  • Boston Market Celebrates #NationalNutritionMonth With Meal Combos Under 550 Calories

    This post is sponsored by Boston Market. Although I received compensation for my participation, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  Drive-thru options are a blessing. Not only because they make it easier to pick up lunch when we’re running errands, but they give us a breather when we need a quick, healthy dinner our family can enjoy. For moments when we’re pressed for time, or just don’t feel like cooking at home, we pick up a family meal from Boston Market. It’s been Jeff’s go-to quick-serve restaurant since before we’ve been dating, and we even celebrated our wedding with

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  • That’s What (True) Friends Are For!

    Time has a funny way of showing you who and what really matters in your life. And for that, I’m very thankful.  When I met the godmother of our two boys, I never imagined she’d be in our lives this long. It was the summer before high school and we were both assigned to a pre-algebra course. We worked hard that summer, and really got to know each other. It was great.  And after years of friendship, I never once questioned whether or not I made the right choice in making her the godmother of our boys. If you ever

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  • Easter Activities To Do With Friends

    Easter — and pretty much every holiday — is overrated.  What started out as a way to remember Christ has been turned into a time of bunnies, plastic eggs, and those disgusting Peeps.  But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t focus on what really matters — family and friends. And for the sake of this week’s topic, I’ll share three ways you can still have fun on Easter with your friends: 1. Get to know each other again.  Most Catholics consider this time to be about the resurrection of Christ, his new beginning.  If there’s someone in your life you would like to catch

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  • 4 Ways I Place Family First, Always

    When I decided to blog about my everyday life and the wonderful struggles I encountered as a first-time mom, I never thought there would be a whole community of other moms interested in what I had to say. And that was dangerous. Dangerous in the sense that I began to lose who I was and why I started my blog. Once I knew that it was no longer just my family and friends reading my posts, I focused more on the type of content I thought my newfound readers would enjoy, and not once did I think about what my

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