Whether you’re doing some early holiday shopping at the mall or crossing out your Thanksgiving groceries list at a local market, you might want to take advantage of National Nachos Day today. 

But where exactly are they celebrating this awesome day? 
Stop by one of these 3 restaurants to try some of their delicious cheesiness:
Grand Lux Cafe:

This was one of my favorite restaurants back in NJ. They have Asian Nachos — which I hear are pretty awesome. http://m.yelp.com/menu/grand-lux-cafe-las-vegas-5/item/asian-nachos
For all you South Florida residents looking to head over to Grand Lux Cafe, there are two locations: 1) Aventura http://locations.grandluxcafe.com/fl/aventura/9/ and 2) Sunrise. 

What’s nachos without jalapeños?! I am a huge fan of jalapeños in my nachos, and Friday’s does it right. The Tostados Nachos are individual nachos with a little bit of everything on one chip. 
Need a little more flavor? There’s a dab of guacamole, salsa and sour cream for your liking.
Follow the link below for locations in South Florida: 
Village Tavern and Grill

We actually frequent this place at least once every month or so because it’s great for family lunches. The pup gets to join us as well, they even give him water. We spoil Rocky in ordering extra bacon for him and sometimes even plain chicken. The waiters love him! 
Planning a trip? Here’s a link to locations in South Florida: http://www.villagetavern.com/locations.cfm
Where will you be celebrating National Nachos Day? 

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