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This week has been an interesting one for us. For starters, we celebrated Rocky’s 9th birthday at Juno Dog Beach in Jupiter, FL and headed over to a local restaurant for lunch. The best part was being able to sit outside in the patio with pup. Sebastian enjoyed it too! Last night I made some peanut butter cookies for Rocky. I was going to make them the other night when we got back from the beach but we were so tired I completely forgot. Both Sebastian and Rocky really enjoy homemade goodies, plus it is healthier for them (and mommy!) Jeff does not have a sweet tooth like we do, but he enjoys homemade peanut butter cookies! 😉

More Rocky Time
On our way up to Juno Dog Beach, Jeff and I discussed our new life here in Florida and how much we get to spend more time together. With his new position at the new store, Jeff will be home more and closer to the beach. We have already planned evening trips to the dog beach with the boys, and we are so excited for our trip to Orlando and Tampa next week to see our family. <3

It is pretty funny when people ask whether or not Rocky is doing okay with the change of weather. I think he has been able to adapt to the weather and more a lot faster than Jeff and me. Rocky has it pretty good out here compared to NJ:
– More trips to the dog park, which is five minutes away from our home instead of 20-25 minutes.
– He is never alone for more than two or three hours at a time.
– There are so many pet-friendly areas.
– He is allowed on the patio of most restaurants.
– He does not have to deal with ice jamming into his paws.
– There are not that many huskies by us, so he still gets a lot of attention everywhere we go.
– He still tries to “own” the dog parks, and most dogs do not mind.

So, you can imagine how excited he is about living in the South. 😉 

4 responses to “Celebrating Rocky's Birthday”

  1. I love love love this post. I'm sure my Stewie would love living by the beach too. Your life in FL looks so dreamy. Much better than the negative temperatures up north. Happy Birthday Rocky!

  2. Thank you, Jules. I'm pretty sure Stewie would! It's doggie paradise out here. Haha! We miss our family and friends, but it's nice to have good weather all year round 😉

  3. […] Another perk to living in Florida with my family is we can plan family time or be spontaneous. Trips to the dog beach right before sunset are common for us. <3 Although we did it more in the summer, we are slowly working our way back to it because our boys genuinely enjoy running in the sand. Our last trip was earlier this month when we celebrated Rocky’s 9th birthday. You can read all about it here. […]

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