Change Your Attitude, Change Your Mood

Attitude Change

Smiling isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely contagious. 

You always hear about that one person who is always happy and you often wish that could be you. The truth is, it can be.

Have you tried smiling lately? Next time you take a “selfie” crack a smile. You can start off with a small side smile like the big picture in this post and make your way to showing your teeth! This might sound silly, but not everyone likes smiling in photos. Some people are self-conscious of their smile. And it is not all about their teeth.
Not everyone was blessed with dimples, some of us just have smile lines — like me. At first I had a hard time cracking a smile because my mouth would create smile lines and I always thought it made me look older.

Adjusting Your Attitude
Whether you smile in photos or whenever you see someone, doing so really improves the way you feel about yourself and those around you.

I have been very moody lately. At first it was because of the holidays and how I do not have my family and friends to celebrate with. You can read all about that in a recent post over here.

Change and I have never really been the best of friends, and I have experienced so much of it in the last two years or so. The toughest of all has been adjusting to a new environment. I like to know my surroundings, more so the people. I do not trust many people, so the few that I do, I like to keep close.

Moving to South Florida sounds like such a dream come true for some, but for me has been one of the most frightening experiences in my life. Not knowing what to expect and not having family to back me up on every decision feels like being a fish out of water. The good thing is — just like that fish — I am adjusting to land and I know there is always a sea nearby. Having a big family means you always have someone who supports your ever decision, even if it is not your parents per say.

Dealing with one life change after the other has really made me stronger, but sometimes it makes me cold — and at moments I grow colder. No matter how many times I try and open up to Jeff’s family, there is always something that tells me not to. I know it is not them because they really try and deal with my ever-changing moods, and for that I am thankful. Slowly but surely, I will eventually be able to allow another person(s) into my circle of trust. But it will take time.

Whenever I feel the need to close up, I tell myself these three things:
1. You never know the answer until you ask. I have a habit of trying to read people before getting to know them. At times, this helps me avoid future issues but there are moments it keeps me getting to know awesome people.

2. You are not being fair. Closing up just as you are about to open up to someone does not allow the person(s) to get to really know you. And I will admit, I am not always the easiest person to deal with, but if you genuinely try, I may try too.

3. You are making it a bigger deal than it needs to be. As a Latina, I have the bad habit of exaggerating things. There have been moments when someone simply said “Hi” and I took it the wrong way. I am the type of person if I genuinely do not like someone I will not acknowledge them. Sorry, but I rather be honest with myself and you than to use a fake smile. I do not do well in “fake situations”. You will always know when I do not like someone or something. My face says it all.

But Wait, There’s More!
I might not always be the easiest person to deal with — and I have always warned everyone who meets me — but I have learned to handle situations better than most. Whenever I can avoid being in a situation I know I will not be comfortable in, I do. As simple as it may sound it takes a lot of stubbornness and putting my foot down because there are moments family and friends have tried to test me. Sticking to my values is key. I highly recommend people try this. It can be very liberating. Be sure to have your reason(s) for not wanting to go through with something. There will be questions!

How do you deal with change? 

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