Buying in bulk is one of my favorite things to do. My parents did it when I was a child, and I can’t really imagine life without huge cases of toilet paper or getting a good deal on quality items.

And that’s what you pretty much get with Chewy, except you buy doggy bags instead of toilet paper. 
It all started when Jeff was looking for probiotics to add to our pup’s meals. He had heard of the benefits probiotics had on dogs and how important it was for our pup’s health. When we adopted Rocky, he weighed less than 35lbs. He’s a Siberian husky, so you know that’s underweight for his breed. Probiotics and treats really helped not only nurse him back to health but also improved his digestive system.
Stocking Up On Treats
Every month we order treats for our pup from Chewy. We used to purchase dog food as well but realized he preferred home-cooked meals instead. 
Although we did save on dog food expenses through Chewy, I’m sure Rocky appreciates us cooking for him every day.

Today, we auto-ship his treats every month through Chewy. This means three of his favorite Blue Buffalo yogurt bars are sent to our home at a discounted price. Chewy makes it easy for you to reschedule auto-ship dates as well. So if Rocky still has a bag or two of treats, we may choose to skip or reschedule an auto-ship date by simply logging into our account.

It does help that Chewy is located right here in South Florida, so we don’t wait more than a week to receive our packages.

And because I’m part of their blogger outreach program, I also get a variety of products emailed from the program coordinator to choose which of them I’d like our pup to try. You can read more on the benefits of using Chewy here. 
We’ve tried a variety of products from Chewy this year. The last package we received included the new Blue Wilderness beef recipe roll and a bag of Merrick Backcountry Pacific Catch real salmon jerky.

Our pup is very picky with the types of treats he enjoys. Jeff once purchased a box of Milk-Bones and he only sniffed them. But, because Rocky’s a pup with good taste, the blogger outreach program allows him to try different treats and decide which ones he’d like us to purchase again.

Although Rocky has enjoyed most of the ones we’ve picked out for him, we’ve had to learn to be as picky as he would be when choosing treats.

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