#ChobaniKids: A Healthier Option For Your Little One

Chobani introduces a healthier alternative for kids and tots.

From pouches to tubes, Chobani is making snack time a lot easier for moms to get their little one to enjoy a healthier and cool-looking Greek yogurt. The company announced a partnership in mid-January 2015 to feature iconic Disney and Marvel characters. 

Each pouch contains real fruits and vegetables, and only natural ingredients — no preservatives or artificial colors and flavors. That is a plus in my book!

4 Simple Snacks Your Tot Will Love
Dealing with a fussy, teething baby is tough. I should know, my little guy is slowly growing his molars. And I am still breastfeeding — OUCH!

To help Sebastian ease his teething pains, I make yogurt drops. These are easy to make and are a great mommy-and-me activity. Learn how to make yogurt drops over here.

Aside from yogurt drops, you can try homemade smoothies. One of the perks of using yogurt and real fruit is that there is no need for any added sugar. So go on, throw it all in your blender and plug it in. Pour some milk for added nutrients and to thicken it.

On-the-go snacks are always a plus! With yogurt pouches and tubes, there is less mess and little clean up. Beat the heat by freezing one of the tubes for an afternoon treat.

Being independent is important for your little one, and there will be moments you will have to step back and let them explore. Sebastian loves a bowl of fruit with yogurt for breakfast. I hand him a spoon and let him feed himself. It works as a breather, and I get to focus on chores around the house. This is when messes are inevitable. So breathe, and just let it be.

Remember, a healthier lifestyle starts with you!

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