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Whether you’ve got plans to visit a theme park this spring break or looking for the perfect staycation idea, Balmoral Resort can help.

In this post, I’m breaking down why you might want to book a stay at Balmoral Resort instead of a hotel in Orlando for your next vacation. Keep reading for in-depth details on what a visit to Balmoral Resort could mean for you and your family.

The Downside To Hotels

Staying at a hotel is sometimes seen as a luxury. There’s room service, clean towels and (hopefully) places to explore nearby. But most of the area is foreign to you if you’ve never been.

You’ll need to do more research to find a good place to dine, some entertainment and a place to just relax before heading back home.

Honestly, we’ve done the above weeks before arriving at a hotel and it’s more work than it needs to be. We’re the type of family who reads reviews — good and bad — to determine whether a place is worth checking out.

Another thing to consider is having someone stop by asking if you need anything. This is a nice-to-have, but I prefer having more space to roam and not have to worry about someone checking in.

Sometimes, you just want to disconnect from everyone for a bit, sit back and relax. If this is something you’re looking to do, then you can forget laying out by the pool with other guests.

Maybe I’m a bit biased since I’ve never felt comfortable in a hotel. You can ask my husband — he’s always trying to get us to spend the night at one when we drive to North Jersey to visit family.

There was something about our recent stay at Balmoral Resort in Orlando, Florida that made me rethink the idea of staycations, without sleeping at a hotel.

Yes, a hotel does the job, but are you really comfortable? Let’s not forget that you pay about the same per night when you book a stay at Balmoral Resort (use Promo code MTME to save. Details here).

Balmoral Resort Answers Not-So-Easy-Questions

The few times I’ve stayed at a hotel, it has felt rushed. Oftentimes when you get to your room, you drop your things and think of how you’ll be spending your time exploring the area.

With family and friends who visit at least once a year, it’s good to know that they have the option to stay at a vacation home instead of a hotel for a couple of days.

During our trip to Balmoral Resort in Orlando we met a family from England. It was their first visit to the U.S.

As exciting as it was for this family to splurge on the theme parks in the area, they were even more thrilled to have found Balmoral Resort.

We exchanged ideas about the place and its convenience. Although the husband said it took him months before booking a family vacation, he said it was nice to know of a place like Balmoral Resort that was available.

Knowing that it was close to their theme park destinations — Universal Studios and Walt Disney World — he felt it was the best decision.

For about the same price of a hotel room (starting at $130/per night), this family was able to have enough space for the two of them and their preteen boys who spent most of their afternoon at the arcade while they waited for dinner to be ordered at the Balmoral Bar and Grill.

Surrounded by the family-friendly atmosphere, it was exciting to see that they were all smiles. They even talked about moving to Florida but feared they would be leaving their family.

The topic of family reminded me of our move to Florida in 2014, and how fortunate we are to have loved ones close by, and from North Jersey who are willing to visit us. That’s when I thought of how convenient it would be to have family stay at Balmoral Resort.

Below are some of the questions staying at Balmoral Resort answers:
Where to eat? Balmoral Bar and Grill has your classic favorites.
What to do? Free live music on Fridays with a DJ and free admission movie nights for the kids on Tuesdays. There’s even karaoke during the week!
Where to go? Legoland is 15 minutes away and Walt Disney World is just 25 minutes.
What to do with the dog?Pets are welcomed, but there are limitations to which ones allowed at Balmoral Resort.

At Balmoral Resort, here are two things you should do; that’s to explore and enjoy what the place has to offer.

The truth is, you don’t have to leave Balmoral Resort to have a good time. There’s a lot to see at the Clubhouse, new favorites to try at the Balmoral Bar and Grill and some good competition waiting for you at the arcade. I even shared about our cloudy day at Balmoral Resort and all the fun we had.

air hockey at Balmoral Resort, Balmoral Resort Orlando Florida, Visit orlando florida, Balmoral Resort Orlando
Yes, there are games for everyone to enjoy — like a huge PacMan
screen and air hockey to try your luck.
Behind this heated pool is a waterpark and splashpad.
Here’s that famous PacMan screen I mentioned earlier. My husband was unbeatable. 
The homes are bright and modern.
There’s a washer and a dryer — no need to take home your dirty laundry.
A look at one of the bedrooms, very clean and modern.
There are toilets separate from the shower and sink in the master bedroom. You can imagine how convenient this is.

Could you see yourself choosing Balmoral Resort over a hotel? Tell me about it in the comments!

25 responses to “Why Choose Balmoral Resort Over A Hotel In Orlando”

  1. You have compile a great list here, where to eat and what to do. I like how this place is only 15 mins away from Legoland and nearby to Disney World. This is a great location for family with children.

  2. wow what a lovely place! Thank you for the suggestion I really have to visit it someday! It looks that is is so child friendly!

  3. Thank you for this informative post. I love resorts so much, it’s a great experience. What did you like most? – Amalia

  4. What a fun place to stay! Love that there is a washer and dryer available; that’s a game changer having three small kids!

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