The following post has been scheduled in advance. We are currently awaiting the arrival of our second child and details in this post may or may not be relevant at this time. 

One of many perks of being a parent is being able to come up with funky things for your little ones to enjoy. Even if it’s something silly like pancakes for breakfast Sunday morning or pasta once a week, you run the show in your home. 
And if you come from a pretty strict household, then you know how good it feels to make your own rules. 
Discovering Traditions
As a recovering Pinterest addict, I like to check in from time to time just to get ideas to make for my family and friends. Although I love getting creative and coming up with random things for the boys, I do enjoy finding out what other families have done in the past during holidays. 
A simple Google search and all my questions have been answered. This year I’ve been searching for ideas to start with my family on Christmas Eve. So far, I love the Christmas Eve box. Most families add PJs and treats, while others have arts and crafts for their little ones to make and hang on the tree. I think with time I’d like to evolve the concept a bit, just to keep things interesting. 
Traditions We Pass On
Aside from traditions we pick up from along the way, there are those that remain with us even after we’ve escaped the bird’s nest. For me, a Christmas Eve without honey BBQ ribs and mashed potatoes is just a regular day. Although I won’t have my mother with me this year, I will have my dad. And he’s also used to this tradition. It’ll be nice to make him my mom’s specialty, honey BBQ ribs — even if they don’t turn out quite the same. 
On Christmas Day, my mother always makes these beautiful baskets from everyday items such as coffee and chocolate packets as well as sweet treats. I’ve picked up this tradition since moving out three years ago and have added minor changes to make it my own. Baking is something I enjoy and most of my family and friends like my peanut butter cookies so I throw a couple into the baskets each year. 
Are there any holiday traditions you love? 

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