Spending money is probably one of the easiest things to do because it’s something we do on a daily basis. From indulging in our wants to catering to our needs, we’re constantly spending hard-earned cash on something. 
But what about saving? 
I’ve argued several times with my parents about not having a retirement fund, and it’s not surprising to read how most people in the U.S. aren’t planning for the day they retire. 
Starting A Retirement Fund
Jeff and I may not be in our 40s, but we’ll one day reach that point in our lives. And although spending money is a lot easier than saving it, there are several benefits to doing so. 
Although our goal at the moment is finding our dream home, there are other things that cloud my mind. One of which is planning for retirement.
We always joke about winning the lottery one day, but we rarely ever play. And there are times we wish money would just fall on our lap so we could spend most of our time with our boys. Of course, this is wishful thinking. 
No matter how much we dream of casually coming across a lot of cash, there’s one thing that will always be true: saving some is better than spending it all. 

Opening up a savings account with your choice of a bank is a good start, but you could also choose to invest in stocks. 
Everyday Costs You Can Eliminate
Bills are always coming your way, whether it’s through the mail or being sent via email. But there are monthly bills you can cut down or eliminate completely from your budget. 
Transportation: If you have two cars but only really need one, then you can do away with having a car payment and/or the cost of insurance. Just imagine how much you’d be saving then, and now add the cost of filling up the tank every month. Try picturing that amount of cash going into your savings account. 
Dining out: I’ve been trying this new thing where instead of feeding into my cravings, I put the money I would’ve spent aside and add it to my savings. Although it’s tough sometimes, I know saving the cash will benefit my family rather than the meal I’ll selfishly consume. 
Food shopping: I have a habit of overspending whenever I go to Costco. I like to stack the fridge and our home with “just in case” items. You know, extra food to vary weekly meals and stack up the linen closet in case we have guests. Although this is very thoughtful and can be considered convenient, it’s a waste of money to have thing a lying around. And sometimes the food will go bad. Try purchasing items your family use on a daily/weekly basis to avoid overspending and not using the items. 
Do you keep track of your monthly expenses? Share your tip below! 

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