Easy DIY Beauty Hacks + Daily Self-Care Routine Checklist

Making time for yourself takes patience. Learning DIY beauty hacks is a plus when you're looking to save money and build your confidence. Discover ways to stay on top of your self care regime with a self care routine checklist.

Making time for yourself takes patience. Learning easy DIY beauty hacks is a plus when you’re looking to save money and build your confidence. Discover simple ways to stay on top of the latest self-care beauty tips with a daily self-care routine checklist.

Self-care skin care tips come in handy when you're looking to improve your look and feel. These simple DIY beauty hacks are perfect for everyday life.

There are many inexpensive alternatives to keeping up with your self-care beauty routine that don’t require going to the salon. Since I stopped going to the hair salon in September 2013, I’ve been more focused on easy DIY beauty hacks at home.

From dying my hair to applying treatments at home, there’s nothing you can’t learn on YouTube these days. Most of the self-care beauty tips I’ve picked up over the years have come from influencers.

It’s been an interesting journey learning about the different ways to care for my skin, hair, and nails. I’ve also picked up self-care beauty products that have natural ingredients and provide results.

What Is A Self-Care Routine

Finding time for yourself sounds almost impossible when you’re busy with everyday life. However, making time for yourself can be rewarding.

A self-care routine is how you plan to focus on your emotional, mental, and physical health throughout the week. It also helps you improve the way you look and feel about yourself.

Self-care goes beyond hair, nails, and skin for me. I often reward myself with doing these after tackling other self-care essentials, like caring for my family and our home.

Even something as simple as reciting self-confidence affirmations can be considered part of a self-care routine.

How To Add A Self-Care Routine To Your Schedule 

Having a daily self-care routine is a great way to help boost your confidence. It can also push you closer to your goals.

When you set time aside for yourself, it can be used as a reminder that you are important. That’s one of the many reasons why I’ve added a daily self-care schedule to my To-Do list.

Before starting a new week, I write down things I’d like to accomplish this week and I include a self-care routine as well. My workouts vary during the week, so I put those in there as part of my weekly self-care plan.

Self-care beauty tips can be fun with help from DIY beauty hacks like these. Find out how to create a beauty self care checklist today!

With help from easy DIY beauty hacks, I’ve been able to stay on top of my beauty self-care routine and other aspects of my daily checklist. When you take care of yourself, you’re giving yourself time to relax and refuel.

Self-care for mothers is different in the sense that through self-care ideas like these, you’re able to care for others as well.

5 Tips For A Rewarding Self-Care Routine

Every day is another shot at trying to make your life easier. When you simplify your daily routine, you’re adding time into your day. With the help of these 5 self-care tips, you can get the most out of your day-to-day tasks.

1. Tackle the things you don’t want to do first.

Crossing things off your list can be a simple task when you focus on the easier items you need to accomplish. The true challenge is working on that tough item on your list. The one you keep avoiding.

2. Move as often as possible.

Staying active is a great way to improve not only your figure but also your health. One of the most valuable lessons in self-care is to — well — take care of yourself.

3. Improve your morning routine.

Whether you’re looking to tackle the laundry or make time to read your favorite column, it’s important to understand the value of a productive morning routine.

How you start the day says a lot about how the day will end. Get up on the right foot.

4. Take your vitamins.

This tip makes a difference in my day, and a lot of the moms I’ve chatted with say they feel more energized when they take their vitamins daily.

My family and friends notice the difference in my attitude as well. It’s almost as if I become another person — energized and excited to take on what the day brings.

5. Wash your face every night.

Even if you don’t like to wear makeup every day, you should wash your face daily. I learned this the hard way. My face was breaking out and I didn’t know why.

I mentioned it to a friend who is a skincare specialist and she said it had to do with my bedtime routine. She asked how often I washed my pillow, I told her daily. She asked about my diet, and I mentioned sometimes it’s a bit unbalanced.

She then asked about how often I was washing my face and said only when I wear makeup. That was my mistake. Oils and dirt from the day pile up on your face every single day.

This is why washing my face has become a critical step to my self-care routine.

Creating a self-care routine isn't easy, but when you add simple DIY beauty hacks to the mix, you're more likely to make time for yourself throughout the week.
Use a face mask often to help care for your skin.

Before cleansing your face, it’s always a good idea to use a face mask to help hydrate and nourish, cleanse and detoxify or revitalize and purify your skin. You can grab a 7th Heaven Facial Peel-Off Mask Variety Pack on Amazon for a great price.

3 Things To Remember When Implementing A Self-Care Routine

Waking up earlier might sound like a difficult thing to do. However, you can learn to train your body to do this.

I’ve always been a morning person. However, after our firstborn, it was hard for me to wake up early.

After hours of midnight feeding, I’d spend my morning struggling to open my eyes.

Getting to my daily chores was difficult. Half of the time I’d ignore them because I didn’t have the energy.

With time, I began to implement time management skills that work for me. Waking up early no longer felt like a chore.

It became an everyday routine. One that rewarded me with time for myself.

This was when I began to throw in daily self-care. I felt better about myself and more energized throughout the day.

I’ve included three things to remember when you feel overwhelmed and are looking to add a daily self-care routine.

1. Start small.

One of the ways you can begin implementing a self-care routine daily is by starting small. You don’t need to read an entire book just because you have a goal for the year.

Reading a page or two a night is a great way to get yourself motivated to keep going. You never want to overwork yourself in the beginning.

Doing so will only hurt you and your progress.

2. Get everyone on board.

It’s easy to tell yourself you’re going to do something, but what about putting it out into the universe? Literally, it’s the only way to get people to take you seriously.

Aside from implementing the self-care routine into your day, you’ll need to let others know.

The reason you want to let others know about “your time” is that they will learn to respect it as well.

My kids begin their bedtime routine at 6 PM ET during the weekdays so I can do my nightly self-care routine and work before my husband gets home.

Family and friends know not to visit or call during these hours because they respect my routine.

3. Pick up where you left off.

It’s not always about making time for yourself. Some days you need to find the time to focus on your needs.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed after a long day, then it’s okay to take a nap or go to sleep earlier than usual and skip your bedtime routine.

There have been moments — typically on holidays — when we don’t put the kids to bed at their usual time.

This can be stressful, but you learn to give yourself a break.

You deserve to rest, too. Just remember to pick up where you left off.

The Importance Of A Self-Care Routine

Whether you’re looking for ways to care for your skin or simply learning how to tame your curls, you’ll need to be patient with yourself. Creating a self-care routine doesn’t happen overnight, and it goes beyond caring for your hair, skin, and nails.

Prior to having kids, I went to the salon weekly. It was where I learned the necessary techniques to straighten my curls. After having our firstborn, I maintained a weekly self-care routine. It wasn’t until I added working from home and multiple children to my list that my self-care went out the window.

My skin suffered, my hair was always in a bun, and I had a different view of myself.

I didn’t care about the mess I looked like. Honestly, it wasn’t the physical aspect of not having a self-care routine that hurt me. It was not making time for myself and battling with postpartum depression multiple times in less than five years.

While dealing with depression I noticed I felt my best when I’d get dressed first thing in the morning.

Armed with a shower and a cute outfit, I felt I could take on the world. Learning easy DIY beauty hacks gave me back time for myself and a boost in confidence.

Why Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Having a self-care routine meant I was controlling how I felt about myself and it helped me improve the relationships in my life. That’s something I’ll discuss further in a future posts.

My family always comes first, and that includes me too. I recently made a promise to myself that I’d do my best to keep up with what makes me feel beautiful — inside and out.

Following a daily self-care routine can help improve your hair, skin, and nails.

Easy Self-Care Beauty Tips To Try

Aside from learning easy DIY beauty hacks on YouTube, I’ve been able to rebuild my confidence. Not only am I taking care of myself, I’m also helping myself emotionally.

My kids spend the majority of their day with me and I wouldn’t want them to spend an hour or two at the salon when we could spend that time at a park, local beach, or even a museum.

Here’s how I’ve been able to cut down on time and money by doing it on my own:
Nail salon:
Cost – $25+/bi-weekly
Time – 1 to 2 hours (depends on the wait)

Hair salon:
Cost – $35+ (wash and dry/ weekly), $65+ (dye, wash and dry/monthly)
Time – About 2 to 2.5 hours

Eyebrow threading:
Cost – $10+
Time – 15 to 30 minutes

All this takes a minimum of 3 hours and 15 minutes at a nail and beauty salon.

Nails At Home:
Makartt Nails (500 Set) – $12
KISS Nail Glue – $4

That’s less than $20 for nails that I can wear for months.

Hair At Home:
At-home box dye (Garnier Nutriesse, 93 Light Golden Blonde and Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color Creme, 80 Medium Natural Blonde) $7 each

Eyebrow threading At Home:
$0, I used the same thread I’d use to sow a button and use a Revlon tweezer ($10) for touchups.

At minimum, I pay about $45 on my at-home beauty regimen. 

One thing you’ll need to remember if you’re looking to do your own hair, nails, and eyebrows is that it may not be as perfect as the way the professionals do it. I’ve had my share of mistakes.

I can easily cut costs here by not dying my hair or applying fake nails, but I enjoy doing both.

The fake nails are to assist my real nails in growth. I have a nail-biting habit that comes and goes.

Aside from using at-home self-care beauty products, I’ve been able to focus on improving my self-care skincare routine as well. With the help of YouTube channels and Instagram accounts focused on simple hacks, I’ve learned the value of the following skin care tips:

  • Apply a face mask at least once a week to help with cleansing your skin.
  • If you have dry hair, an easy fix is adding olive oil before bed at least once a week.
  • Make use of essential oils like lavender oil and peppermint to freshen up your skin care routine.
  • Use coconut oil as a moisturizer to help with stretch marks.
  • Shaving with hair conditioner works as shaving cream and moisturizes your skin.
  • Green tea helps treat acne and reduces redness and irritation on your skin.
  • You can minimize the appearance of dark circles under your eyes with tea bags.
  • An easy way to create a homemade body scrub is by using coffee grounds from your morning coffee.
  • Honey is a great natural beauty ingredient and can be mixed with other ingredients to create the best at-home wax within minutes.
Learn self-care ideas for moms to try at home using everyday DIY beauty hacks.

More Than Just DIY Beauty Hacks

Now that you’re familiar with easy beauty tips, it’s important that you understand the value of making time for them.

On my planner, I note my weekly goals and they include a self-care routine as well. From daily facial cleansing to taking my vitamins, it’s important for me to throw those on my list.

Just as I want to hit my goals for the week, it helps to add self-care as well. This way, I’m not wearing myself thin as I care for my family and work on projects throughout the week.

Cleaning the house helps me focus throughout the day and it means one less thing for me to do. The more you cross off your list, the more time you have for yourself later on.

The kids are older now and help with organizing the house. Not only with their room, but other common areas as well.

Since I’ve started a daily cleaning routine, the kids have been more helpful. It’s amazing how much they learn by example.

Aside from taking five minutes to decompress every day, it’s important to think of other ways you can lighten the load.

For me, the new week begins on Sunday. Those are my planning days. From meal planning to organizing daily tasks, it’s important to not only think ahead but plan it.

Focusing on myself during the week helps me be a better spouse, parent, and friend. I’m a happier person when I’ve dedicated time to doing things I love.

Below is my daily self-care checklist. It reminds me of the essentials I need to tackle throughout the day to keep me going.

Preparing a self-care checklist that helps you tackle more during the day is beneficial. Including some DIY beauty hacks does come in handy.

Beauty Self-Care Quotes That Inspire

Creating a self-care routine and sticking to it can be tough at times. Simple reminders go a long way and can assist you on your journey.

To help inspire you throughout this self-care journey, I’ve included beauty self-care quotes below for you to share with family and friends. These can assist you in completing your beauty self-care checklist as well.

Wherever your self-care journey may lead, make sure to add DIY beauty hacks to help you invest time into your beauty self-care checklist. These beauty self-care quotes can help as well.

You’re already beautiful but sometimes you want to feel it too.

The lack of self-care isn't because you don't have time. It's because you're not making time. These self-care beauty quotes are a great reminder to include DIY beauty into your day.

Busy isn’t an excuse for the lack of self-care. It’s the main reason for it.

Time for yourself is as valuable as the time you dedicate to others. Focus on simple DIY beauty hacks to recharge your energy.

Your time is valuable and so is time for yourself.

Learn simple ways to add DIY beauty into your self-care routine. Use these beauty self-care quotes as a reminder to make time for you.

Get up, get dressed feel fabulous.

With the change of look comes a new attitude -- a positive one! Use DIY beauty hacks to keep you going. Here's a list of beauty self-care quotes to inspire you.

Change your look and watch it change your attitude.

Your beauty self-care routine shows, and it looks fabulous! Learn easy DIY beauty hacks to keep you feeling your best. These beauty self-care quotes can help inspire your daily self care checklist.

Your beauty self-care routine looks good on you.

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  1. Saving money on these things is so necessary. I only get my nails and hair done on special occasions to save $$$ haha.

    1. I don’t blame you. It really does add up every month.

  2. I’ve definitely neglected the “beauty” side of things now that I work at home. It’s time to change that. Thank you for giving me alternatives as I’m quite sure a two-year-old and a 7 month old are less than appreciated at the nail salon!

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  5. What a fabulous list of ways to maintain ourselves but save yay ❤

  6. I completely agree with you, unfortunately when we were strapped for cash it was my hair appointments that were the first to go. But after a couple of mistakes, I do it myself now and it saves me loads of money!

  7. I always do my nails and eyebrows on mouth because they began to add up quickly if done at a salon!

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  10. I need to be more brave to do these things myself at home. I am just a scaredy cat! What if I mess up and it looks terrible?!


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