“Run, fight, and throw like a girl.”

There is nothing wrong with being who you are, and after watching the Always SuperBowl commercial I am more convinced than ever before that we create our own perception of people and things. 
Today’s woman is a lot more stronger than ever before, or at least she is not afraid to show her strength. Whether she works from home or at the office, she is taking on the role of a homemaker and a provider for her family. She may not have a family of her own because she is heavily focused on her career, but she cares for her parents — and if possible, her grandparents, too.

“Run like a girl.”
“Fight like a girl.” 
“Throw like a girl.” 

These words were once used to belittle someone, and yet today hold little to no value. Young girls are being taught to do pretty much everything on their own. For some people, asking someone to do something like a girl is a compliment. And that is what it always be for me.

Finding The Strength
I do not know the first thing about raising girls, and I can imagine how tough it can be for a parent to help their daughter understand that there is more to life than what other people perceive them to be. One thing I do know is how it felt to be the only girl and have three older brothers.

As a teenager, I fought a lot with my mom. Because according to her, whatever she said we needed to do. My brothers got away with more than I was allowed to do, but I am very thankful for that. With time, I found strength in everyday life and as an adult I was able to take on challenges and never give up. I will admit that I had been discouraged along the way, but I had to turn inward and find that voice inside me that said, “Don’t give up — you’re only getting started!” That was pretty much what I told myself over and over again until I was strong enough to achieve my goals.

At 25, I can say I am very proud of the person I have become, and although there are still minor things I need to work on, I love myself. And each day I thank the girl that never gave up. 

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