Are you looking for a quick hair routine that works? This easy curly hair routine will help you learn how to properly care for curls.

For years, I’d head over to the salon and have a stylist straighten my curls. It was my go-to for dealing with my curls as a young adult as well.

You know what they say: when you know better, you do better.

Prior to starting a family, I’d style my hair at home. I’d use the techniques I picked up from the stylists I met at the salons.

Straight Hair Vs Curly Hair

Growing up, family members would make me feel as though the curls were a curse. This made it almost impossible for me to love my curls when I was constantly being told how ugly they were.

It made me believe that the only way my hair looked nice was when it was straightened. Family gatherings meant straight.


Almost everywhere I went, people embraced me more when my locks were straightened. They’d compliment me and it made me feel beautiful.

That’s how I began to make the connection that straight meant “beautiful”.

It wasn’t until I met other women who embraced their curls that I began to see the beauty in my own. These women rarely straightened their curls and would have the most gorgeous locks I’d ever seen.

I’d tell my high school friend — and now the godmother of our boys — how much I admired her curls. She’d always tell me I could have nice curls, too.

I just needed to take care of my curls. Oh, but I did try.

I had some curly-haired friends in my high school circle try to work on my hair and teach me what they did to style their hair. It didn’t work.

Even when it came to dating — I wouldn’t let the men see my hair curly. I never felt comfortable in it. (FYI: This is how I knew my husband was the one, he embraced my curls)

An Easy Curly Hair Routine

Working on my own curls and learning tips from the online curly girl community helped me improve my locks. With the use of trial and error, I found the products that work best.

I started with brands I was familiar with growing up — Pantene and L’Oreal. The more I looked into the brands available I noticed I needed something else.

Before I started my curly hair journey, my locks were a mess. I’d wash my hair almost every day and leave it in a bun.

This caused my hairline to push back and I lost a lot of strands on my sides.

Here’s what my curly hair looked like:


You can see the dryness and the creases from having my curls in a bun most of the time.

Here’s proof that my hairline was hurting:


In 2018, I began my curly hair journey. It was the most rewarding yet confusing feeling I had ever felt.

My hair was going from a little over shoulder length to mid-back. I thought about cutting it plenty of times, only to think of all the reasons why I didn’t want to do it.

Here’s an image of my curls when I started this journey:


There was a sense of confidence in embracing my natural hair. This was something new for me, since I was used to straightening my hair any chance I had.

I noticed that after months of working on my curls, my hair began to show more definition.

After Shower Curly Hair Routine

Washing curly hair can be a lengthy task. To create an easy curly hair routine at home, it’s important to think about ways to simplify the process.

It’s not advised to brush curls when it’s dry. I like to wet my locks and use my fingers to detangle my hair before applying shampoo.


This step helps me get the most out of my shampoo wash and use less of it as well. Sometimes I like to use conditioner beforehand if my curls have too many tangles.

To improve your curly locks, it’s important to style after the shower. Below is my after shower curly hair routine:

Untangle your hair using a paddle brush.

I prefer the Denman brush because it works well on both wet and damp.

Coil it up.

While applying your leave-in product, it’s important to also style your curls. I like the coiling method since it helps minimize frizz. With every section, use a pea-size amount of product.

Here’s a video on how I do the coils for an easy curly hair routine:

Diffuse/let it air dry.

I’m not a fan of diffusing my locks, so I let it to air dry. This gives me time to do things around the house.

Sometimes I’ll leave it in a microfiber towel as I do house chores/work on projects.

Break up the sections.

Once my curls have fully dried, I separate them using my fingers.

Use product if you must.

For sections that frizz a little, it’s best to condition those sections with some product.

For added volume, you can scrunch up the curls. This helps add bounce into your curls.

Are you looking for a quick hair routine that works? This easy curly hair routine will help you learn how to properly care for curls.

Curly Hair Night Time Routine

Preparing for bedtime is one of my favorite parts of the day. It’s a time when I get to help the kids to their beds and go off for alone time.

Bedtime routines are important. I shared tips for moms looking to get the most out of their day by implementing one that works for their family.

Going for a high pony tail is the best approach for your curls. You can use these silk scrunchies to avoid creases.

For an easy curly hair routine for bed, add a silk bonnet to help contain your curls and minimize frizz and split ends.

Learn how can refresh your curls using simple techniques.

Not sure how to manage your curls? These tips can help you create an easy curly hair routine you'll love.

40 responses to “Easy Curly Hair Routine To Improve Your Locks”

  1. I was never really told my curls were ugly, but I was always told they were out of control. Well, DUH, they’re CURLS! lol Only so much you can do to tame them. lol I’m loving your routine though!

  2. I will have to give your routine a try. Your curls are beautiful! I have thick, wavy curls that aren’t as nice….I’ve been trying to find a way to make it curl nice because the blowing/straightening takes so long.

  3. My hair is naturally curly, but I always straighten it because I can never get it to curl right. I actually bought some of this and tried it the other day and really liked the way it worked.

  4. I think your natural curls are amazing! I sometimes wear my hair curly–well wavy with the help of a curl activator spray. I wish my hair was thick like yours!

  5. My hair is naturally curly and when I was younger I used to get it chemically straightened. I have now embraced my curls but I don’t have an actual routine. I’ll have to try yours out.

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