Get the most out of your day by following these tips for self care and learn ways to make time for yourself.
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Get the most out of your day by following these easy mom self-care ideas. Learn ways to make time for yourself regardless of how busy you are.

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Simple ways to make time for yourself today!

Self-care has become a buzzword for women and it’s no surprise how many aren’t doing enough of it throughout the week.

The reason women aren’t putting time into themselves is that they’re focusing on the superficial aspect of self-care. Time for yourself goes beyond heading to a hair salon or going out for a massage.

It stems from tackling the things on your To-Do list to enjoy moments of stillness.

Why Do New Moms Need Self-Care?

New moms are susceptible to placing themselves last when caring for a baby. It’s easy to forget you have needs as well when there’s a little one crying for your attention.

From being cleaned to being fed, a newborn will demand the attention of their mother as often as possible. New moms are at an advantage when implementing self-care into their daily routines. With a child that may require your attention more often, new moms also have the option to throw-in time for themselves while the baby takes naps.

One of the benefits of self-care for new moms is getting time to reconnect with themselves. It’s important that you never forget who you are and what you love when you bring a child into this world.

This will teach your child the value of committing to yourself as well as others. Remember, your kid is always watching, and most importantly, learning from you.

Taking Care Of Yourself As A Mom

There’s no better feeling than completing tasks and not having things weighing on your mind throughout the day.

Although it might seem difficult to sneak away from your family or work to complete the things you’ve meant to tackle, there’s still a way for you to do so.

Making time for yourself is a vital part of what keeps you going. Even 5-minute self-care ideas can make a difference in your day.

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Regardless of the time you may have available in your day, it’s important that you pencil in moments for yourself as well. Here are a handful of ideas that will help you find the time for you.

1. Get sleep when you can.

Taking nap here and there or closing your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes will help you rest. That break in the day is what will make a difference between exhaustion and thriving.

People often advise new moms to sleep when their baby sleeps. Even though most people would rather complete their to-do list or catch up on a show, there’s truth to this piece of advice.

You won’t be able to get through the day if you’re mentally and physically exhausted. You need your strength, and you’ll need to recharge.

Look for ways to sneak in a few minutes throughout the day to complete your to-do list.

2. Make an effort to drink more water.

Your body craves to replenish the water it loses throughout the day. When you lack the basic needs that your body relies on to function, you will feel drained.

You’ll feel a lack of energy and body pains throughout.

This is one of the best self-care tips for new moms since having a little one can be exhausting.

One of the best self-care ideas when it comes to drinking more water is to opt for cool water or fruit-infused water. It will help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Cucumber water and lemon water are two of the best combinations that are not only delicious but are refreshing as well.

3. Keep healthy snacks handy.

It’s easy to feed a child who asks for snacks or reaches for your breast/a bottle, but what about mom? So often we feed the kids and end up sustaining ourselves on a chicken nugget or a few goldfish crackers while taking care of the kids.

Not nourishing your body with the right foods can make you cranky and make you feel drained. Keeping healthy snacks handy will allow you to make the decision to eat healthily throughout the day.

4. Plan the perfect day.

This might sound a bit silly, but for you to get a little self-care in your day, you’ll need to start with a plan.

Discuss with a friend or your partner what a perfect day would be like for you and see how you two can make it happen.

Your friend or partner might be willing to help with the kids or offer self-care ideas as well. Be sure to set up realistic ideas on how you’d like to spend the day.

5. Get help instead of trying to do it all on your own.

We all fall victim to the Super Woman syndrome. You can do it all, just not all at once.

Take your time to complete things, don’t rush yourself to get things done. Seek help when you need it, not when you’re overwhelmed.

Give yourself the attention you need by allowing someone else to step in and care for you. You don’t need to do anything alone.

It takes a village, but you need to allow your village to offer a hand.

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Easy mom self-care ideas worth trying this week!

6. Put the kids to bed early.

Make time for your family and friends throughout the day, but stick to your bedtime routine. This will allow you to have time for yourself and tackle some things you wanted to do throughout the day.

Often when you opt to put your children to bed early you might worry that you’re being unfair. The truth is, you should never feel guilty for making time for yourself. Sometimes you need that quiet time to reflect on your day or prepare for the next day.

One of the best ways to get extra time for yourself at night is by putting the kids to bed early.

Although it might not happen every night, it’s important to focus on having a routine that works best for you and your family.

No matter what the day might bring, knowing that you have the night to make time for yourself can be a sigh of relief.

7. Keep your mind active.

The concept of a mom’s brain is common, and it goes beyond pregnancy. You’ll find yourself forgetting everyday things in odd places or leaving certain things out of the fridge.

Although it might feel like an inconvenience for your family, it has to do with not getting enough brain exercise. Keeping your mind active has proven to help stimulate your brain.

You can opt to read or do puzzles, or simply getting together with other parents can be a great way to boost your brain activity.

8. Do something you love for an hour.

Getting time to yourself can be a blessing in disguise if you use it right. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, start thinking of ways you can add more time to your day.

You can do this by simply imagining what an extra hour a day or week would mean for you. Write this down and start planning a day during the week when you can use that house to check off items on your list.

9. Go on Do Not Disturb (DND) mode.

Just as your phone notifications and calls can be turned off for a certain time period, so should you. Constantly being available can be mentally draining.

Learn how you can implement times during the day when you’re unavailable to others and focus on making that time special for you.

How Can I Balance My Self-Care As A Mom?

Understanding the value of implementing self-care into your day can help you improve how you feel about yourself and others around you. 

One of the most important questions you’ll have to answer when trying to add time for self-care into your schedule is how to balance self-care as a mom. 

Your mom duties might come first every day, but imagine what you’d feel like if you put the effort into doing something for yourself as soon as you wake up. 

One thing you’ll notice right away is a difference in your attitude towards the people in your life. There’s happiness waiting for you after taking a couple of minutes to yourself. 

Although you might be tempted to focus on whatever is on your list of To-Dos, you’ll need to place your needs at the top of that list. 

By doing so, you’re reminding yourself about the importance of taking care of your well-being before trying to plunge into your other tasks. 

Improving the way you feel in the morning can transform your entire day. 

Simple ways you can balance self-care as a mom include:

  • Focusing on a hobby;
  • Unplugging from time to time;
  • Getting dressed up; and 
  • Exploring something new

It’s amazing how much joy you can bring to your life by focusing on a hobby. When you constantly do things that make you smile, you’ll notice a change in how you view your everyday life. 

Unplugging from your phone and social media can be a blessing when done right. Taking moments to appreciate stillness can be a great reward. Checking on others and focusing on their lives can deter you from living your own life. 

It’s okay to be present for yourself as well. Make time to connect with others without forgetting about yourself. 

Getting dressed up for the day is a reminder that you should get ready for whatever lies ahead. As you get dressed, you can talk about being grateful for a new day and all the opportunities that will arise. 

Exploring something new is a great idea when you need to freshen your view. Sometimes you can lose sight of all the things that surround you. Those simple blessings can be the drive that pushes you to greater heights in life. 

How Do I Write A Self-Care Schedule?

Creating a self-care schedule begins with looking at the time you have available. Free time might not be as scarce. However, the more you dive into your workload, the easier it’ll be to move things around. 

For instance, you may be able to decrease the time you spend on certain tasks to help focus on others. You can try this by reducing the time you spend preparing and cooking meals throughout the week. 

For some, cooking a nutritious meal is more important than the time you spend making it. Focus on simple tasks you can accomplish in less time. 

Aside from simplifying your life to make time for yourself, you can think of easy mom self-care ideas that will benefit you in the long run. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, then walking whenever you get a chance might be your best option. 

Keeping yourself active has proven to help trim your waistline. Look into your daily schedule to see how you can incorporate more walking into your routine. 

Quick ways you can write a self-care schedule that fits your needs are: 

  1. Set a date and time. 

Never cancel on yourself and keep working on your goals. Sticking to your schedule every day or week will drive results. 

  1. Let family and friends know.

    The time you’ve set aside for yourself should be as important as going on a date with someone. Prepare in advance and expect nothing but the best. You deserve it!
  2. Create reminders as well.

    Setting the time for yourself means nothing if you don’t follow through with it. Creating an alarm on your phone is the best way to remind yourself that “hey, this is important”. More so that you’re important.

What easy mom self-care ideas would you offer a tired mom? Share them below!

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  1. These are some really good tips. It’s really important to do self care. I know many don’t do much for themselves.

  2. Getting help is an important one, especially when you have children! They can do a lot to ease the burden of their parents and help to keep the home clean and everything running more smoothly. I finally stopped trying to do everything (perfectly) myself and enlisted my children’s help, and have so much more peace of mind now!

  3. I’ve been trying to wake up earlier to have some quiet time before the children are up. It really makes a difference!

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